Building your own... how hard?

At the risk of being shot... how hard can it be?

But I'm not actually talking about a regular frame, but a Recumbent Tandem Trike.

Something along these lines of...

Which looks pretty simple to me, the main complication here is the steering joints. I've never really welded, although my dad and uncle can and it might be a good time to learn ;)

Other than a bit of geometry/sizing - any notes I should take in for consideration? Am I being overconfident entering a minefield? :thumbsup:


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if you've access to a mig welder and someone to show you how it's done, along with a bit of space to work in, get stuck in.

it may be worth buying an atomic zombie book, it's got loads of suggestions and tips of how to do this sort of thing.

me and a friend built this FWD sofa with no welding experience, a £50 arc welder, a budget of £7, and whilst pissed. so no, it's not that hard:tongue:



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claud rider said:
wonder if i can persuade the missus to let me have one of those in the living room!!!
you'd need to persuade her to make the door openings 6' too, then you can get a beer out the fridge without getting up;)
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