Bummer... Almost.

So I noticed my saddle had a slight crack going across underneath it the other day - hence why I bought a replacement on this very forum. I figured it would last me until my rest days (Tuesday) though... Wrong!

On the (extended) way in today, 6.5 miles out from work, a loud snap, a ping and suddenly my saddles tipped me off to the side and parts of the seat post clamp are scattered over the floor. Luckily it didn't cause an off and I was able to stop. It looks like the saddle snapped, and then one of the bolts clamping the saddle to the seat post has completely sheared off - a result of the now less than usual forces applied by the snapped saddle perhaps?

The net result was I rode the last six and a half miles into work standing up. Strangely I found it much much harder on my wrists than my legs as I was gripping the bars tighter - but for someone who doesn't do much out of the saddle work anyway it was an experience I don't want to repeat!

Will now be seeing what's it's like to run in tomorrow, as I've been saying I'll do that for ages...


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From the sound of things I'd say the seat post gave first, causing the saddle to fail.
Saddle being designed to be supported on both sides, suddenly has all weight transferred to one side.



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Oh! :sad: I thought this was the thread discussing Madonna's latest attempt to shock at the Grammys. Personally, I think the best location at the Grammys would have been behind Madonna, but I've always been a fan.

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Well done on avoiding a fall.

When I was at Uni, some lowlife stole my saddle and post. I was so skint I couldn't afford a replacement so had to do most of a term without.

It was the best form of training I think I have ever done. I was flying in races that year.


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Two (two!) racers in last year's Derwent duathlon managed to complete the ride sans saddle. I think an honourable mention was made in the results list :laugh:
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