Bus stops / shelter's and your bike



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It make take some time , but I accept. I hate to doubt you but i don’t think you took that photo. That bike is far to modern to be one of yours .:laugh:.
[EDIT] OH NO 😱 Just spotted there's a bus stop as well ☹.
I do ride the occasional modern machinery and that Tricross was one of them over the summer .

Seen below with another bus stop and a bin ^_^

Juan Kog

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@Juan Kog sorry but I forgot all about your challenge .

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Well as you can this picture from earlier in the year taken in Old raises you a recycling bin.

challenge answered biggs 682 , bus shelter, bus stop, bin, post box .
Oh you’ve spotted it’s the Whelpley Hill bus shelter from a different position. ^_^
A Barton Seagrave bus stop on tonight's sub zero ride from work ice ❄
Careful out there.
I try to avoid riding when there is a risk of ice.
And though am no physicist have the idea that small wheels may be a particular problem - possibly because of a youthful commuting slide on a Vespa.


Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...

MBIFO Ecton bus stop on last nights ride from work.


Norven Mankey
One more about the atmosphere than the quality

It was warm and dry when I set off last summer. I had to stop about five times for cloudbursts. The final one, I was directly underneath the thunderstorm in Marple Bridge which was pretty frightening. Absolutely hosing it down as you can see from the river running down the road. Didn't fancy a lighting strike so called for international rescue pick up

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