Bus yesterday, taxi today


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Riding north over Waterloo Bridge yesterday lunchtime with the second lane coned off (and no white line for the cycle lane as it's been resurfaced) I had a bus right up behind me trying to squeeze past. I politely gestured for him to stay back but he wasn't interested in that so I took primary with him right behind flashing his lights. It was very gusty yesterday and I didn't want him passing so close and creating extra draught. Ignorant moron.

Today exiting Victoria station on foot wheeling my bike I step on to the zebra crossing and the taxi in the rank drives straight on not having any intention of stopping until my wheel catches his front wheel then he stops. I said to him he's supposed to stop and as he drives on he says I'm supposed to be riding - what across the zebra - they just don't know what to say next. These ignorant taxi drivers won't even give way to a rider when wheeling a bike let alone any other manoeuvre. Taxi scum.
I dont use Waterloo Bridge for this very reason and for the constant mess it's in.I had exactly the same thing and he even put his main beam headlights on so I would get out of the way.I haven't used that bridge since.

I take it even with this mess and constant disruption for months and months something good is going to come with it.


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I use Waterloo most evenings. Had one incident with a bus overtaking then cutting across me. I admit I was riding a wide secondary at the time though. One of the worst parts of the bridge is where the bus lane hasn't been resurfaced after you pass the entrance to the tunnel. It's all melted and bubbled up, makes for an interesting braking zone if you're forced into the lane.
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