Business plan creation.


Who do you have to submit this 'business plan' to?


Could you not just make it up?
i.e. make it sufficiently boring that they won't continue reading it to the extent that they'll know you made it up?
Pepper it with lots of ifs, buts and maybes, so it won't come back to bite you on the arse. e.g. "I endeavour to" is a good phrase, rather than "I will".
Just sit down at your computer for an hour and just bang out loads of stuff off the top of your head. Prolly be pearls before swine anyway.`

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I'd love to help but we don't have businees plans anymore apart from retirement asap. Have you tried my method of ricocheting from crisis to crisis?


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just take the excessive overbearing impossible target they expect and divide it by 12 months. Tell them this is your business plan but ad a caviat at the bottom stating your concerns as to the reality of it's achievability given the resources (time?!) available...that way thaey cant hang you out to dry when it all goes pear shaped, but it keeps them off you back for a while. All they want to hear is something they can show their overbearing bosses that all will be well next year, and that if it isnt they have a's a game..just a game....just play the game but cover your arse.
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