Busting 5 Myths About Cyclists


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A legal viewpoint
"While we all have great respect for the stamina and healthy choices that cyclists make, most motorists struggle with the presence of cyclists on the roads. Cyclists are ridiculed and despised by most of their fellow road-users. To many, the idea of pedaling along the highway while tonne-heavy machines speed past like bullets is incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately though, this is the reality for Queensland cyclists due to poor bike path networks and many other issues. However, the biggest hurdle that cyclists face are the common misconceptions that surround them and their use of our roads."

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Not too bad, except they missed the point a bit on two of these 5 myths:
  • myth 3: they failed to make the distinction between off-road bike paths (not compulsory to use) and on-road bike lanes (only compulsory to use when they're fit for use). Many on-road bike lanes are impractical to use due to debris, parked cars and other obstacles, and therefore according to law cyclists are allowed to use their own judgement and bypass these.
  • myth 4: they mentioned that bike paths don't cost a fortune because the government only spends a tiny amount of their road budget on these. They failed to mention that bike paths are also very, very cheap to build compared to the same distance of road, and so are cheaper than roads for this reason.
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