Buying a bike in the US


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I'm travelling to the US soon and am thinking of picking up a new bike whilst I'm there. The one I'm after is the same price in dollars as it is in sterling here, so quite a bit cheaper in real terms. But will it be worth it after import duty and VAT? Anyone got any experience or advice they can pass on?

Not sure if it's relevant, but if you ride the bike and make it 'dirty', i.e. 'used' then it comes over as second-hand - it works for 'new' golf clubs, so 'maybe' the same applies to bicycles!
I heard a story of a guy who did something similar..... took a bike out on a test run and took some photos, then went to the US and bought the bike whist on holiday.

When he was questioned he got out his wallet with pictures of his wife and of course "his bike" in the UK, offered it as proof and got away with it!


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Yes try the 'used' trick - it's the only decent option.

If not, the VAT and handling costs will soon eat into any savings and you'll only save a few quid at best, and combined with potential hassles from warranty claims I'd say it wasn't worth the effort.


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I know someone who flew over a cheap junker bike to the US and then dumped it before buying a new bike and flying that back.
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