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Booking .com and budget airline book flights well in advance, much cheaper.
IME knowing when and where to go is very important (it sounds obvious but you'll - presumably - want to avoid peak times such as school holidays, religious festivals etc).

Deciding how to get there: plane, train, bus or car.

Time of year is important, too: sun, rain, the right season etc.

And of course accommodation: basic, budget, comfortable, luxury.

And then duration: a week, fortnight, month, season.

Also what the are attractions there: culture, history, acivities, sports, beaches, shopping, day-trips etc.

Once you've have the answers then you'll be able to narrow down your choices.

:becool::heat::cold::rain: enjoy.

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Nothing wrong with travel agents. I still use them for some holidays m, they do all the legwork and come back with what suits. They get the same prices as they tend to get trade discount of what is available online. They also tend to know about which hotels.
Yep - can be perfectly fine and competitive.

Edit: Oh wait - I've just agreed with @Markymark :laugh:

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Air b&b and separate flights.
Loads cheaper!


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I've just booked a trip to Milan and the Italian lakes. All very easy online. Booked the flights first for the dates we wanted and then looked at hotels on booking .com. I have also booked train tickets and ferry tickets online to travel around. You just need a bit of planning and half an hour on the interweb.

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Really depends what you are comfortable with and used to do before. Indecently booked trips happened long before the World Wide Web arrived. It is just easier and quicker now. If a package meets 90% of what you want then great or you can look at some packages to get inspiration.


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What type of holiday do you want? For me, if I go for a Mediterranean resort type holiday I would book a package with it’s ABTA protection, transfers, etc. When I choose a touring trip with the car staying at different locations, I would buy the Eurotunnel tickets direct and the hotels through Expedia or Alternatively, when I choose to stay in one place and it is not a holiday resort, I buy the flights and hotel through Expedia, etc.


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If you are travelling with children then go with a travel agent.
If just a couple then go freestyle. We have done both, but with children you need the added security and backup.
High street agents are good, their search facilities are better that the website. Go midweek to avoid a long wait to see an agent.
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