Buying a used 2014 aluminium Giant Defy 1 opinions

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Currently looking to buy a used road bike (budget won't stretch to new and not overly keen on this years models), and have seen a 2014 Giant Defy 1 aluxx sl aluminium bike. The bike looks immaculate and the seller says it was bought new i 2014 and only used a handful of times and stored in a dry shed ever since.

Only concern is that some say that aluminium frames have a limited life expectancy (5-10 years) so a little concerned about the frame failing quite quickly after purchase.

With aluminium frames, what is more important in your opinion, the actual age of the frame or the amount of use? There is a used Boardman Road Team Carbon available at a similar price, but the alloy defy is much better specced. Would the age of the bike put you off?

Any opinions would be very much appreciated. Cheers :smile:


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I believe wear and tear is the more important variable than age. Personally, unless you are a really heavy bloke I wouldn't worry.
Edit: beaten to it. Wot ee sed.^^^^
Well, I've got a well-used 7005-alloy Scott 209 that is certainly 20 years old, and shows no signs of disintegration just yet. Unless you pound the carp out of it, an ally frame should last the acverage punter, oooh, maybe his lifetime.
However, do go see it and check it over VERY carefully.


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Don't Giant bikes come with a lifetime warranty on the frame from 2012 onwards?
That kind of warranty tends to suggest that they have faith in their product.

Regardless, check it carefully as you would any pre-owned bike but unless it's been abused in some way there shouldn't be any problem.


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Thanks for the replies guys,that is very helpful and helped put my mind at ease! Much appreciated. I will give it a serious inspection when I go to view it.

Just looking for a reliable road bike to get me back into long distance cycling again and the Giant defy seems to fit the perfectly. Thanks again for the replies :smile:


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I bought my Giant OC2 in 2003 aluminium carbon forks Campag 9 speed triple What Campag calla racing triple.Used to be my number on bike.Now my winter wet weather bike..

As far as I am concerned no problem with aluminium frames as far as giant are concerned .Considering changing the gearing to Shimano 1050 or Tagra.


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Sounds like you've bagged yourself a bargain.
Good luck with it.

Thank you, it certainly seems so. Was just looking for a reliable aluminium road bike for getting back into longer distances and a few sportives. The defy seems perfect. 105 groupset too which is always nice to have (the older 10 speed version but still decent enough for me) plus carbon forks and seatpost!

Thanks again for the replies guys :smile:


Decent bikes, the stock wheels are where they have saved the money, if you are looking for way to spend a bit more on it in future.
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