1. Martyb32

    Giant neos and cadence

    Hi all, I've got a Giant defy advanced pro 2 with the ridesense and for some reason it only shows my cadense when spinning the pedals backwards. It worked before, any ideas? Cheers.
  2. DSK

    Giant Propel - Slight Customisation

    I got a terrific deal on a 2017 Giant Propel in December 2019. Whilst this is by no means a project/modification thread to the level of others, I have got the bike to stage where I am happy with how it is. It started life as a Giant Propel 2 with full Shimano 105. The manufacturer replaced...
  3. TyrannosaurusTreks

    Giant defy 4 for sale

    This is a great comfy bike size L with barley a mark on it , recent tyres & tubes . £300 ovno.
  4. Mike_P

    Ebike advice Giant Entour E+1 disc hybrid

    Spotted the 2019 version of these reduced and thinking of ordering one as my TSDZ2 ebiked hybrid seems to have terminal issues and rather than spending more £ and time trying to sought it out a proper ebike looks attractive. This seems to be the best deal on the Giant...
  5. David5416

    Giant Contact SL Aero stem

    Brand new never used Giant Contact SL Aero Stem. 100mm Immaculate (as never been used) Bought in error I need the Contact Sl Stealth stem for my SLR bars. £70 including p&p They are £124.99 in all the shops.
  6. Maherees

    Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 Carbon?

    Hi all, i have first been flirting with a titanium flat bar but they seem quite expensive but now come across the Giant FastRoad Advanced 1 Carbon which seems to have the speed of a road bike but less punishing on the back and neck. Not seen any reviews as yet so thought I'd canvass a few...
  7. Smudge

    Giant Explore E+2 GTS

    Had this new ebike delivered yesterday and was able to take it out for a ride today. I had only test rode this bike in a car park before buying it, so i was able to give it a proper shake down today on road and trail. The 80nm of torque in this Yam crank motor is a real wow factor after only...
  8. M

    Sized down on Giant Propel, opinions on fit

    HI all, A couple of moths ago I purchased a Giant Propel Advanced 2 Disc Road Bike 2019 in size Large (I'm 6' 3" and was right on the divide between L and XL), my previous bike was a Giant Contend SL 1 in size XL. Being busy with work I've only just got around to setting the bike up on my...
  9. DSK

    Wheel Spoke Key (For Road Bike - Giant PA2 wheelset)

    I would like to have a go at truing my wheels. Can anyone advise which key would git the Giant PA2 wheel spokes or, if there is a key with adjustable sizes available?
  10. DSK

    WANTED - Giant PA2 or slightly better wheelset

    I have a Giant Propel i need of at least a front Giant PA2 wheel or, I'm prepared to go for a slight upgrade such as Fulcrum Quattro/Cosmic SLS or, similar. PM me with anything suitable.
  11. DSK

    Slight Wheel Upgrade Advice (2016 Giant Propel)

    I am getting a 2016 Giant Propel this weekend but the owner is fitting the original supplied Giant PA2? wheelset as he's already sold the Mavic Cosmic's that he had on the bike. He did advise that whilst the PA2's are lightly used a upgraded wheel-set will make a difference on this bike. Whilst...
  12. M

    Upgrade on Giant Defy 1 2012

    Hi all, Had my Defy 1 for the last few years which has been great, but it's time to upgrde to something lighter and comfier (lower back problems). Any suggestions? I'm looking used rather than new. Looking at a 2015 Giant Synapse Carbon 105. How much comfier/quicker would this be compared to...
  13. IBarrett

    Giant Defy 2012 and Speedshield mudguards

    Evening all. I’ve been wrestling with these ruddy mudguards for days and before admitting defeat I thought the collective might help. I have a 2012 Defy as my winter bike. It had old original Giant mudguards on until one broke recently. They were a single piece, with a metal bracket in the...
  14. buzzy-beans

    A small (45) well specced GIANT in excellent condition at a bargain price

    I normally only put bikes up that I have seen on the Vintage bike section, and this bike most certainly isn't vintage. Well specced with Campag equipment and all for just £160. View:
  15. DSK

    Giant TCR circa 2012 style - can it take a bigger tyre than 23C?

    I am considering getting a Giant TCR Advanced in the 2010-2014 ish style frame model (size L), which has the indentation by the rear wheel. I am just wandering, if anyone here has one and if so, can it accommodate a 25C rear tyre like a conti gator skin? (I went from a 23C to a 25C on my...
  16. Rooster1

    Giant Defy 2008 Mudguard Advice

    Having been through about one set of GIant Defy mudguards per year for the past decade only to find A) They break apart at the joints AND B) Do not have break away plastic joints forcing one over the handlebars if you get a twig in the front wheel I wish to try a different brand. Does anyone...
  17. Justinitus

    Faulty Giant Wheel

    Evening all Think I’m posting in the right section! I bought a new Giant Revolt Advanced 2 back in June from an LBS that I’ve used quite a bit. Since buying the bike I’ve had nothing but trouble with the rear wheel - a Giant PX-2 disc. Ride 20-30 miles and the hub locknuts work loose...
  18. DSK

    GIANT TCR with high spec (size ML or L)

    I'm after a Giant TCR with a high specification so TCR advanced 1 or higher (or one that's been upgraded). Models years between 2010-2015 I think, in ideally white/black, or grey/white, red/white. I will consider blue/white colours as these seem more common. Must be well looked after, in good...
  19. Phaeton

    Giant Defy-2 Entry level road bike **Sold**

    Bought this bike in 2011 in an attempt to get back into cycling, it's a fairly entry level bike but would be good for either a cheap winter hack or as me somebody wanting to get into the game without a great deal of expense. It's a large frame I've just measured it & I get it to be a 56cm one...
  20. Tony Raynor

    93/94 Giant Cadex ALR1

    Picked this up yesterday after a tip off from @biggs682. The pictures were a little poor and it looked tired. Had a quick wipe down and the paintwork and mechs are just covered in grease and dirt. Just taken it up and down the road a few times as he back brake isn't working properly and it feels...
  21. BlackPanther

    Giant FastRoad eBike 400w for sale. Medium frame.

    For sale is my Giant Fastroad E-bike. Its the 400w version, and is in good condition. The bike is a ‘Medium’ size frame and has covered 1492 miles. I am the 2nd owner, and have done just over 1,000 miles since acquiring it just over 6 months ago. I have the receipt for initial purchase and...
  22. C

    Giant fastroad sl 1

    Hi, I have an unusual question and hope someone can help, I'm interested in the above bike but as I'm disabled (arm amputee) I have to fit a steering damper into the fork, to do this I have to be able to fit a 12mm socket through the BOTTOM of the steering tube, I know I can do this with a full...
  23. Dave7

    Now sold... Price Drop.2 Giant bikes for sale (mine since new)

    Now Sold. PRICE DROP. my LBS has made an offer. If I accept I am obliged to buy what he has to offer. So.. ..... re the Giant Defy. £525 will give you a real bargain. Anyone who wants it will have to move asap as I have a decision to make. I have decided to sell both my bikes and get one...
  24. Rooster1

    Freehub Issue - Giant SR2 Disc Wheel Set

    My Giant Advanced has only done 1400 miles and yet the freehub is not spinning freely - there is some resistance so when you freewheel the chain starts to jump the smaller cogs. I've broken my chain whip so I can't take it off to inspect the freehub. I am hoping it just needs a good lube inside ?
  25. adscrim

    2017 Giant Propel Advanced Pro, Ultegra Di2, Planet X CT45 full carbon tubs.

    As above - Propel frameset (integrated seatpost) built with Ultegra Di2 6870 groupset and Planet X CT45 45mm carbon tubs. Frame and components have light usage marks. The most notable being some marks on the seatpost from the seat collar. Frame was purchase second hand from RM cycles in Kent...
  26. tincaman

    On eBay, Giant Defy Advanced 1 frameset Free delivery if purchased here instead.
  27. tincaman

    Giant seat post

    Looking for a Giant D-fuse seat post, plus the internal clamp. Cheers
  28. C

    SOLD: Giant Defy 4 Road Bike (Size M/L) with Custom Built Wheelset

    Giant Defy 4 Road Bike (Size M/L) with Custom Built Wheelset Used condition with normal wear and tear the bike has done around 4,000 miles Custom built wheel set which cost me £250 alone The wheels and hubs have been recently serviced in March (Wheelset Build is: Miche Syntesi hubs laced to...
  29. gmac190

    Giant SLR 1 42mm Carbon Tubeless Wheels

    Giant SLR 1 42mm tubeless carbon wheelset for sale. Giant Gavia AC1 tubeless tyres included. Ultegra 11-28 cassette also included. I’ve had them from new for a year now and they are still in great condition. Retail £1k. They have done around 1000 miles. Selling as I’m getting a new bike. £520...
  30. K

    Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 overkill for first road bike?

    Hi guys, Looking for your opinion do you think giant tcr advanced pro 1 would be an overkill for my first road bike? I have found someone selling one online for nearly half the price of a new one 1800 new is 3400. Do you think I should go for something cheaper? TIA
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