1. DSK

    SOLD - Giant TCR Upgraded Di2

    GIANT TCR ADVANCED 3 - ULTEGRA 6870 DI2 - SIZE L FRAME : Giant Advanced Grade Composite FORKS : Carbon Advanced Grade Composite SIZE : L (suits 5'11 and above) GROUPSET : Upgraded to Shimano Ultegra Di2 6870 11 speed including brakes. Original charger included. HANDLEBARS : Ness Aero Carbon...
  2. D

    2012 Giant Escape RX 1

    Hi all, I have the opportunity to purchase a 2012 Giant Escape RX 1 (black with yellow detail) for under £200. If I did purchase it, it would be to cycle a 6 mile round trip each morning for fitness and fresh air. I understand Giant make good bikes and the size is the right size for me, however...
  3. yo vanilla

    1998 Giant Yukon Dilemma

    In my basement lives a 26" 1998 Giant Yukon MTB... ...that I am not sure what to do with. I purchased it second hand several years ago for $110 and replaced some necessities like brakes and tires. Got a couple summers out of it and it's been hiding in the basement ever since. Thought I would...
  4. T

    Giant contend sl1 vs Triban 520

    I will be looking to buy my first road bike come spring time. I am interested in both the stated models. I bought a Giant hybrid in September last year and have already clocked more than 500 miles however I am keen to get a road bike to go faster and further. I appreciate the Giant is almost...
  5. Dogtrousers

    Tensio - the new design language for Giant bikes

    This is brilliant. If you like gobbledegook that is. Tensio is derived from these two traditional Chinese characters, pronounced “E-Don.” The first character, “E,” speaks to flexibility and flow. Tensio shapes range from simple to complex, but whether...
  6. Cycleops

    Cyclist picks up his new Giant bike and rides it 9300 miles home.

    DM story about this guy who bought his Giant direct from the factory in Shanghai and rode it home to Newcastle in four months:
  7. Illaveago

    A Giant Off!

    This morning I decided to give a Giant Stonebreaker that I got working yesterday a longer test ride . Yesterday's ride was only just over 5 miles and I wanted to see how it felt on a longer run . There had been a hard frost overnight and there was still some ice lying about , the sun was...
  8. The Central Scrutinizer

    Brake quick release problem

    I just bought new shimano brake pads for my Giant Defy as the old ones were quite worn. They are the two part cantilever type where the pad fits into the carrier. The problem i have is that after installing the front brake pads the wheel won't turn when the quick release mech is in the closed...
  9. Distorted Vision

    Giant Roam 0 Hybrid Servicing

    My Giant Roam 0 has done 500 miles. I noticed today when I was washing it that the chain is rubbing on the front deraileur. I tried following a GCN YouTube video but I wasn't able to fix it myself. Fortunately, I got a £50 government Fix Your Bike voucher last week. I've booked a service with my...
  10. dennetti

    Freehub tool recommendations for Giant SR2 wheel

    Hi. I'm trying to remove the freehub from my Giant SR2 wheel. After removing the cassette and axle, it looks like I need to get a long-reach castelated tool into the wheel to remove the freehub. Looks about 10-12mm sort of size. Could someone confirm what tool I need please as I can't seem to...
  11. Mike_P

    Giant ride control app

    New version released Google play store link
  12. bikingdad90

    Forza Stratos 40mm handlebars, Deda 100mm stem and giant 110mm stem.

    Forza Stratos 400mm handlebars. 70mm reach and 125mm drop. £12 posted Deda Elementi Zero 1 100mm stem. £10 posted Giant connect 110mm stem £8 posted.
  13. T

    Giant SCR 3.0 Large

    I've owned this since new. After the first few years it became a spare bike and has been used on a turbo trainer with different components but has now been put back to original. Goo tyres, great all round bike, great for a turbo trainer too. 24 speed tiagra and sora mix. Nice running Planet...
  14. bikingdad90

    Stems and bars and chainsets.

    Hi, For sale is a Giant Connect 110mm stem. I bought the bar and stem combination but don’t need the stem as it is too long for me. £10 posted? Next up is a Lasco sub compact (46/34) 165mm 8-9 speed chainset, removed from a Wiggins Rouen. Fits a 107-110mm square taper bottom bracket...
  15. Chrismawa

    First Bike Project Giant Chicago MTB

    Picked up my first bike project to work on over the winter. It's a Giant Chicago MTB and I picked it up for £30 which I don't think was too bad. Its a bit rusty, the brakes are seized but the drivetrain mechanics work fine. I have acquired two free bikes this week which I will break down and use...
  16. IBarrett

    Giant Defy 6770 di2 help wanted

    Do you have a Giant Defy with Ultegra 6770 di2 - the one with the external battery slung under a chainstay. I would like to add di2 to my 2014 bike and am looking for help on cable routing so would just like to pick someone’s brain when I start the project. If you can help please drop me a...
  17. Rooster1

    2018 Giant Defy Advanced - RATTLES

    Hello I have a very annoying rattle/noise on my Giant Defy Advanced when at speed on slightly rough tarmac and I just cannot find it. I know posting such matters on a forum is probably pointless but maybe someone else has had the same issue. I have checked every major component to see if it...
  18. Smuggs

    Headset bearings for Giant Defy 2

    Hi all, I ‘be just stripped my headset bearings on my 2016 Giant Defy Advanced 2 bike, only to find I am missing some ball bearings in the bottom bearing set. i think the bike takes an overdrive 2 road bike kit MH 137 bearing, which I could buy, but would prefer to just replace the ball bearings...
  19. Justinitus

    NO LONGER FOR SALE Giant Revolt Advanced

    Giant Revolt Advanced carbon gravel bike, ridden less than 80 dry road miles so like new - no marks anywhere. Size medium, suit 5’7”-5’11”. Advanced carbon frame and forks in matt black/smoke. H Plus Son Hydra 32 spoke tubeless wheel set, Novatec hubs, Sapim Race spokes handbuilt by DCR Wheels...
  20. D

    Is a Giant FastRoad what I'm looking for?

    Hi. I'm on the hunt for new bike (coming from an old hybrid). I did post a question on here the other day but now I've another question. Bear in mind I'm 6' 4" and 17 stone when I ask this. I am considering a hybrid as I feel it shall provide me with the stability I require (support for my...
  21. D

    Marin Muirwoods 29er (2018) vs Giant Escape 1 (2019) - help me decide

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a new bike. I've been using my 25 year old Ridgeback hybrid but it's now feeling very tired and small, even though it's an 21 inch frame. The handlebars have always felt extremely narrow. I'm 6' 4" and 17 stone. My commutes are for leisure where I cycle 10-20 (max)...
  22. Shropshire65LW

    Giant anyroad 1 . £500 Shropshire

    Up for grabs , my Giant anyroad Road 1 ( Medium ) , nice clean bike . 1 problems carbon seat post seized other than that’s its a clean genuine well looked after condition new tyres going on tomorrow, recent gear cables and brake service I will get some photos done tomorrow once I’ve put the...
  23. T

    Giant brakes difference

    Hello All There is difference in the brake between the Giant defy advanced 2 2019 and 2020 2019 has Giant Conduct SL Disc 2020 has Shimano 105 hydraulic both looks disc but what is the main difference Thank you
  24. T

    Giant Content AR1 2021 vs 2020

    Hello all, I spoke with a local dealer and he mentioned that the Content AR1 2021 will be in next week. I was under the impression that there is no new stock till September through November. I was wrong i am not a bike expert and will not know the difference between 2021 and 2020 and even the...
  25. RichardB

    Giant Axact 9W computer fault

    In the middle of a ride, the computer (as per title) stopped working - speed display at zero, and the odometer stopped recording miles. Both head unit and wheel sensor have new batteries, the sensor is within range, and the sensor/magnet gap is >5mm, all as per the manual. The head unit shows...
  26. Nibor


    This is my wife’s bike which we bought second hand and it has had very little use less than 150 miles and is in near perfect condition. The spec is as per original apart from I have installed flat bars using Shimano Claris brake/ gear levers as per the rest of the group set. I have upgraded the...
  27. Shropshire65LW

    giant anyroad 1. brake cable setup question if anyone has one

    i bought a used giant anyroad with a flat bar converstion I have the original bars and twin brake set up, cant quite fig out how the second brake leavers / cables go. has anyone got any photos that may help me , ive done a google search cheers
  28. A

    Giant Contact SL Stem (100mm)

    For sale my old stem (new one after bike fit).. £10 + postage (or collected near RH19) Big pictures available here
  29. A

    [SOLD]: Wheelset - Giant SL-0 Disc (2015) inc GP4000 tyres

    Changed my wheels so my old ones are up for grabs... Genuinely good & straight wheels, recently serviced hub (I even bought the proper DT swiss grease!). Including GP4000 tyres (approx 200 miles use). Minor marks on the wheels, bit of flaking on the hub. Big pictures available here £250...
  30. Shropshire65LW

    Giant Bars and Stem ( and frame )

    Giant Bars and stem , bought for a project but now no longer need after £20 collection North Shropshire or I can post and buyers expense . Prob about £6 I also have a giant alloy frame that will be available soon .at the moment it has a seized seat stem nice lightweight frame small adults £20
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