Giant Defy Advanced - Internal Cable Routing

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You didn't say what model you have, but that won't help you if you do have a routing system (and most new bikes do) and it was bypassed, you're going to need to thread new cables through the frame correctly regardless. Unless you have the patience of a saint and nerves of steel, I think this might be a job for the LBS. Magnetic cable threading tools for internal routed cables are cheap and easy to use, but depending on your frame, they really do take a bit of a knack to get threaded correctly. However, once mastered, it's a good skill to have as paying your LBS to replace cables is a waste of good money in the long run. I managed changing internal gear cables myself, and they was through a frame with no existing cables, which is harder. You'll be faced with this problem if your cables were not setup correctly. I may have shouted a few expletives trying to getting the cables out of the finnicky holes on either end, and through the various tricky spots, the job took a significant time out of my evening, but once I understood the process, it went a bit easier.
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