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Hi All, I've been given £500 worth of evans vouchers as a gift...but I can add upto another £150 towards my first hybrid bike that I will mostly use to commute to work.
So given that I've got around £650 quid to play with...any recommendations would be very useful as I dont know much about Hybrid bikes, and all the reviews I've read seem to be conflicting.
I've been looking at the following :
Cube Hyde 2020 Hybrid

Trek Dual Sport 3 2020 Hybrid Bike

Cannondale Quick CX 3 2020 Hybrid Bike

Specialized Crosstrail Hydro Disc 2020 Hybrid Bike

Specialized Sirrus Disc 2020 Hybrid Bike


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Look at the Evans Pinnacle range too, good vfm

You'll get a better deal on the others if you can source a 2019, reduced to make way for the potentially down specced 2020

Other than that, take advantage of Evans test ride policy

Keep some budget if needed for commute essentials, mudguards, lights, spare inner tubes, track pump, rack and panniers potentially

Unless your commute is actually off road (not roads, cycle paths, park paths, canal paths etc, don't waste budget on suspension forks on a bike at this price point esp . Heavy and likely poor quality (eg You wouldn't want the Crosstrail). Disc brakes are a plus though on an all weather commuter (as long as they are decent)


Commuting distance? Security setup ( London street parking, protected lockup at work)
Secondary uses ( sportive, shopping, touring, tracks and trails)
Size of rider.
I really like disc brakes for commuting. Even my Shimano cable disks provide decent performance in wet and dry with little maintenance.
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