Buzzed by TNT


Has to be said I am fairly relaxed about close passes, but had one that made me stop and think.

A TNT articulated lorry that passed me at somewhere in the region of 50-60mph, about 12 inches off my right shoulder!!!

It didn't even alter it's line once passed me, so I'm fairly convinced it didn't steer out at all.

I wish I had the registration of the truck, a fellow cyclist who was a little way behind me was amazed at how close it had passed.

Bloody lunatic!!!

OK, and chill :smile:


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tnt will know where / when there trucks are... surely? So might be worth a complaint to 'head office' ( god knows how to find that mind....)


I know the local depot is just up over the M4 from Bath, I guess that is where he was heading.

Might be worth an email, the other cyclist has no problem in offering themselves as a witness to it. Maybe a word in the drivers ear would make him act with a little care when he is sat high up in his cab!

If anyone has a good contact for TNT let me know :smile:


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Tell them the exact time and place of the close pass and they'll be able to find it. Their HGVs will all carry trackers.

Whether they accept your comments or not I don't know, but I find HGVs to be the least troublesome of vehicles.
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