Campag Shifters, Shimano running gear - Part 2

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by Scruffmonster, 16 May 2010.

  1. Scruffmonster

    Scruffmonster Über Member

    Evening All,

    Looking for some buying advice. I posted about a month ago asking for advice on a Campag/Shimano shifting problem.

    Here -

    Now that my Ride to Work Cash has been stolen to fund a car purchase (Dont...) I need to make by bike work. I'm currently running it as a 7 speed.

    I've decided that I want a full job lot of Campag components, I love the shifters primarily. That could be a dumb ass decision but I'd really like answers based on that.

    I'm scouring eBay and things look cheap enough - to be bought over a number of months, I just need a list of 'things' to buy.

    Also, do I need to make my decision based on how many sprockets my frame can take? Or do they get thinner as more are added?

    I'll repeat that this is a slow burn. If I could throw £150+ and the sale price of the bike at it and get a better bike I would.

    Cheers a lot.

  2. baznav

    baznav Active Member

    i would not recommend you buy any 8 or 9 spd campag components as all campag groups are now 10 or 11 spd, campag have stopped making 8spd alltogether and 9spd components just to supply spare parts and will ultimatly get more difficult to source as time goes by.
  3. PpPete

    PpPete Guru

    Chandler's Ford
    Let's take this logically ....

    First off - what's the measurement between your rear drop-outs?
    Measure like this.

    Second - Whilst the back wheel is off - check that it's a cassette not a freewheel (this page helps with freewhees, this with cassettes) - but post a pic if you are not sure.

    Third - Do those existing shifters say how many speeds on them? Or how many clicks on them?

    With this information we can put together a solution if one exists.
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