Can I have a go...?

Sorry, complete novice to all of this, I'm just a commuter on my hybrid, but seeing these track races on the velodromes looks like fun. Is there anyway a beginner like me can have a go, akin to a track day for driving cars around a track?


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Yes, locate your closest track and then inquire about "taster sessions".


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OP. Do it man. I was lucky enough to live close to where a bunch of motivated (unlike myself) individuals from this very forum set up a meet. To this day it is still the biggest blast I have ever had (been 3 times now). Otherwise I am just a 5 mile each way commuter on a hybrid myself.

Wouldn't say it was easy, but I haven't made a complete fool of myself and it is a hell of a thrill. They hired me the bike and the shoes, had to provide own lid and mits (manchester). Came off from near the top of the track once and walked off fine.


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We had a team building day at work a few years ago. There is a place nearby called Calshot Activity Centre and one of the activities was track cycling in their velodrome. It was a great time, this was before I got into cycling so my performance wasn't great but it was still fun and would like to go again.

Almost went a couple of months ago but twisted my knee running a few days before so had to pull out but definitely worth a go.
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