can i use 26 tire on a 24 bicycle?

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guys im a poor guy in a poor country and recently i found out thta 24 bikes are Became extinct here i searched all online shops and shops in our shity city but they only have 26 even they don have the rims or tube😑
my bike is this one I think I bought it 5 or 6 years ago those hazy daze are to remember when you could lost in all bike stuff in the shop now you cant find anything
Fuji Bikes | Dynamite 24 Pro Disc (my bike
i decided to buy a fuji novada or something with aluminium meterial shimano parts 26 size but then i saw that i have to sell my kedney for it
i also cant buy it from amazon or any international shop
if i cant do that then tell me is this worth it to change it with this models cause soon there would be no gas in the country and everyone need a bike or they can walk
bike i wanna replace
well i could not finde any bike for replace
except this two bikes made from nowhere
دوچرخه کوهستان ویوا مدل ورتکس سایز۲۶ با پایین ترین قیمت | فروشگاه طب آسیا (
دوچرخه کوهستان ویوا مدل OXYGEN 100 | سایز 26 | فروشگاه طب آسیا (
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As 's described as a 'young kids' bike' I assume the 24 refers to 24" wheels. In which case, you can't fit 26" tyres and I doubt very much if a set of new 26" wheels would fit the frame.
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A 24 inch tyre has a 507mm diameter, a 26 inch tyre has a 559mm diameter. They are not interchangeable.

I suspect you can't get 24 inch tyres in Iran because of sanctions, they are widely available everywhere else. Things might get better when Trump goes.


I did read some discussion on the safety of "retread tyres" for bicycles. The feeling was that on a bike it is potentially too dangerous but that feeling was based on no evidence.

Retreads are where you cut off the worn rubber tread and using special glue or something, apply a new rubber tread to an old tyre.
Do any poor countries have bicycle tyre retread workshops like the truck tyre retread industry?
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