Can somebody please explain why....

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there seem to be a growing number of fit riders on road bikes overtaking and undertaking really and I mean really close. Is it some kind of new craze as in "you're in my way and I'm much faster than you so i'm not moving much out of the way to get past you and if I can undertake and pretend you're not there then I will"?

Get them undertaking whilst I'm overtaking a stationary bus, or a bus overtaking me and they squeeze in the gap - which often is tiny anyway.

One did it to me again this morning and then proceeded to carve up riders further up the road. Do they just enjoy dodging and swerving past people to see how close they can get before eventually the rider they're cutting up has to move out for a drain and there's an accident. Is it fun for them to do this?


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A muppet is a muppet irrespective of what form of transport they use.


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Sad, isn't it? Had one yesterday, I looked over my shoulder and there was a bike a fair way behind me, held my left hand out while slowing down, looked again and had to stop pretty sharpish as the cyclist behind me (who it transpires is on one of those electric bikes) undertakes me really rather closely. She didn't slow down as I did, or move out to go around me as I slowed, she just maintained the same (pretty sharp) speed striaght at me :smile:


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yenrod said:
It was a woman what juh expect !


I expect it's all part of this "gotta have it now, no matter what" culture we seem to be living - no-one can wait a minute for anything. That, and some people are just numpties....
it's happened to me.what they don't seen to realise is that if you move a few inches to avoid something in the road then they're off, possibly taking you with them.
theres no need to pass closely it's just stupid.
I blame the death of romance for this. Men who know have loads of sex are chilled out and don't need to "proove" their "masculinity" at the drop of a hat (like me ;) ). Boxers, for example, are not supposed to have sex before fights so that they are all GRR when it comes time to bash some other bloke in the head, all for the entertainment of other men who aren't getting enough sex, but aren't hard enough to bash another blokes head in unless he is much smaller than them.

So... in conclusion, you can smile to yourself every time one of these guys cuts you up, because you know he isn't getting laid.


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Maz said:
i fink u is jeluss coz u cant cachup wiv dem, innit? ya getmi?

yes maz, it's lucky I have Teletext and can dial 888 to translate that. ;)

Some commuters are seasoned racers and find passing within an inch as normal. I do find myself doing it from time to time. I will make sure I am more careful in future, but thanks for pointing it out


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A lot of people just don't know how close is too close; they ride secondary or usually worse, they're used to cars passing far too close and they themselves overtake like muppets.
fossyant said:
Cab, you were overtaken by an electric bike - were you riding backwards...bloody hell !

I've come up against an electric bike before, a converted Spesh Stumpjumper. The guy leapt off the lights so much faster than I had predicted, and he kept going right up to 30mph. I rode alongside him to the next traffic lights, had a little "Bloody hell thats fast" convo, before rather childishly demonstrating a (perfect :blush: ) 5000rpm racing start :blush:
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