Can you recommend a suitable flat pedal for me

Hi everyone

I am requesting some advice on a quality flat pedal (non SPD) for me please. When I can use my daily run around bike for shopping etc and also gardening, when I do so I wear my size twelve Dickies steel toe cap boots.

My old pedals are nearly worn out and I am looking for a replacement, I would like them to have some grip so my feet dont slip off in the wet and are big enough to accommodate my big feet with large boots. I have looked at ones with pins in and ones without, what are your opinions on which is best for me. Or are their other alternatives.

Thanks for any advice given :smile:
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I've always used DMR V8 or V12s and been very happy. Good grip, nice sized platform, plenty of colours and have felt a reasonable price. They have removable/adjustable pins.


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Pins or not depends on how tough your soles are: if they'll break up having pins push into them, go for good grippy rubber instead.

I've used Vavert Commuter pedals on one bike for something like a year now (6000km). They're well worn but still grip OK.

I've just started using Raleigh Comfort pedals on another. So far OK.

I didn't like Oxfords offering - too narrow for my foot so the metal end cap cut into a sole. MKS Lambdas seem well-loved and are probably sturdier than any I've used yet.


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I rather like the MKS MT Lite pedals. £17.99 from wiggle. my first set on my touring bike lasted roughly 10,000 miles before the bearings failed. the ones on my road bike are still going strong. they have very good grips and work well with both my walking shoes and my walking boots.
They are these, as I said SNSSO had the linky
do you have a link for them I cant appear to find them.

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