Can you sing?


As prompted by Noodley here:
Should there be a Friday Night Ride To The Coast is Music night theme one week? Everyone rides to the coast singing songs with a theme....
Me, no. Can you hold a tune?
No not even when I'm bevvied up


Secret Lemonade Drinker

2 years running I held a pub in Assen (the Netherlands) in the palm of my hand. I put an Oasis CD on the stereo, jumped on the bar and the rest is history. Mates who were there still talk about how good the nights were - 10 years ago!!

Past 3 years I have been skiing to Bavaria, and pulled the same trick as Ferris Bueller
on the pub karaoke.


Headgardener said:
<demonstration on Ahhhhhh demonstration off>.
Beautiful HG :smile:

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Yes, (just about nowadays), former Cathedral Choirister and can of course read music.

Mrs FF recently started singing in a Choir for the first time in her life and is really getting the hang of it. It's never to late to try.
I'm the worst combination: Can't sing but like to sing.

No sooner has the first warble left my throat than I am greeted with the words, "Dad, shut up". Such is life.
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