Canal towpath - legal position?


Wheeledweenie said:
The whole towpath thing annoys me. I found out after overhearing another cyclist. True the permits are easy to get hold of but the lack of publicity means no one realises you're meant to have one.
I think that BW are doing their best, IMO. They have to have the permit system (see threads elsewhere) because they would be creating themselves a potential legal minefield / time bomb if they allowed free access.

However, I have ridden plenty of towpaths without anyone checking and I haven't seen reports of anyone who has been stopped. The very lack of publicity is because they don't want to enforce them too stringently, they are doing the minimum to cover their legal requirements.

I think that the permits are out there for those who want to play by the rules but BW's relaxed approach doesn't restrict those who are a little more cavalier.


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but no one in their right mind should be on a bike on a towpath, or any other space shared with pedestrians, without 3rd party insurance themselves. just sayin' ;)
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