England : London CANCELLED: Sunday London Ride - Formal Edition 2nd August

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Cycling Excusiast
Hi all

Mentioned on the usual SLR thread a while back about doing a fancy dress version of the SLR- a few regulars were interested- dress code is formal/smart/dressy and can be from any time period so not the usual lycra.

Fairly relaxed with the route, can go via parks or one of the standard rides.

Who's up for it?

Vote in the poll about when you'd prefer it to be - obviously a Sunday and probably starting later at 10:30/11:00 from Hyde Park Corner, might be thinking too far ahead but good to get a heads up on it.
A fancy dress version would involve most turning up as usual, non? But, typically devious behaviour, this post runs hot on the tail of Dave announcing that he is incapacitated..."usual lycra" does not exist for him. His attire is the equivalent of buying a new car because the ashtrays are full - and you're just trying to sneak in while the man's guard is down, tt.
Anyway, Titus, also, is a not averse to the cunning stunt it seems. He might resemble the Dick of Green Dock, son when he tries to dress down...for town.
I can't ride a bike in trousers, though during rides I have been known to have hot pants. (Seams good to me)


Cycling Excusiast
Well 'Teef, the regulars are a smart bunch...and yes Dave does have a way with the Rapha!

Go on, a bit of a sartorial twist would be a good change


Silencing his legs regularly
Sounds like fun, anyway........
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