Cannondale CAAD10 Dura-Ace - 60cm.

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I've threatened to sell before due to necessity but have always managed to find a way round it, sadly I can't find a way around it this time ;(

The previous sale thread was HERE, (for pics and sizing), and the only change since then is the saddle is back to being a Fizik Arione.

She is currently being advertised on the bay of fleas HERE :sad:

The price on eBay has been put on through necessity, but if anyone here is interested we can discuss the price accordingly.

I really don't want to break the bike but if that what it takes to get the most out of her then that's what I'll do ;(



PS: @Andrew_Culture - sorry if this causes you anymore knuckle knawing pal :biggrin:
I am glad it is far too big for me, or I would be having arguements with my better half!


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On ebay it's Ultegra on the first link and the title above it's not.
The model of this CAAD is a CAAD10 DA. When new it shipped with an FSA BB30 chainset, Ultegra brakes, DA shifters, Ultegra front mech and DA rear mech, yet was still called a CAAD10 DA, go figure.

It's now upgraded to all DA apart from the chainset which is as stated.

Hope that clears things up :okay:
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