Can't win


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Cycling along Queens Terrace gyratory in Southampton here. I need to move to the right hand lane to continue along Canute Road. I come to the end of the bus lane in left hand lane in primary, look behind several times, there is a gap so I signal right. I slowly move across, and give the car behind a thumbs up for letting me in.

Car promptly undertakes me nearly going into a car in the left lane that's slowing to turn, almost hits a cyclist in front of me in my lane, screams past on a corner and slams on his brakes for a red light at the Royal Crescent Road junction.

I roll up behind the car and sigh.


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I havent really had a problem with drivers not liking a thumbs up from me. It cheers me up and I always di it to someone who waits behind at a pinch point or doesnt tailgate. I normally see them smiling or they just miss the thumbs up.


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Oh yes, Queens Terrace. Know it well. The amount of foreign HGVs out that way make life.... interesting...

BTW did you hear about Kuti's restaurant nearly burned down the other day?


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No didn't hear about kuti's - sounds very suspicious....

Went over the Itchen Bridge for fun after that encounter - caught the plonker at the toll booths. Only problem is my legs hurt now lol. This side of the river is nice n flat compared to that side!


I think the thumbs up and wave are terribly underused!
Even in London on a Boris Bike, taxis especially seem to be pleasantly surprised and grateful for polite cyclists? :smile:

Maybe it is just surprise that they have come across a polite cyclist????
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