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Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by jifdave, 30 Jan 2018.

  1. jifdave

    jifdave rubbish uphill, downhill 'balast' make me fast

    Hi All,

    I was looking to go ride some mountains in France late March time and realised i'd enjoy Majorca more for similar money and not having 15-20hrs of driving....

    We want to stay in Alcudia or Pollensa with the main aim being to ride Sa Calobra.

    Ideally i want to hire a bike but i am 6'8 and ride a 3xl Canyon at home.
    So I guess my main question is does anyone know if Canyon Base deliver hire bikes? I have emailed but no response yet and i want to book whilst the prices are good.
    They are down in the south east and i'm not capable of 180km round trip with a mountain at the half way point to ride from Cala D'or (canyon base) to sa colabra and back to Cala D'or.
    If not I have seen that Giant claim there XL TCR will fit a cyclist of 203cm(6'8) but im not convinced this will be quite right for me.
  2. Simon_m

    Simon_m Über Member

    Hi there, we were in puerto pollensa last spring and going back in a few months again with Stuart Hall cycling group.

    There are lots of shops to hire bikes from, and i guess a lot have websites so you could email them to see if they have your size. Could you not take your bike out with you? Always better to have ones own bike as it is all set up to the correct size. Adds another £100 to your flight - possibly, depends who you fly with.
  3. OP

    jifdave rubbish uphill, downhill 'balast' make me fast

    Hi Simon,
    Managed to find a company that has my exact bike in pollenca.

    It would have cost about £120-£130 to send my bike (£35-£40 each way and £50 bike box hire)
    Cost me £62 for 3 days hire.
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  4. Simon_m

    Simon_m Über Member

  5. OP

    jifdave rubbish uphill, downhill 'balast' make me fast


    If you have any routes or tips to share please do.

    Current plan is:
    Day 1 short ride out to cap formentor just to stretch the legs
    Day 2 pollenca to sa calobra and back. (biggest climbing day ive ever had by quite some distance)
    Day 3 a 60 mile trip down and up the coast
  6. wyre forest blues

    wyre forest blues Well-Known Member

    Went there last April and going again this coming April. .. Stayed in Port Pollenca.
    1, Cap Formentor is easy. There's only 1 road so you cant get lost. Signposted out of P P. Make sure you have lights for the tunnel and take off your sunglasses.
    2. This is a route to Sa Calobra and back. Alternatively you can forget the loop and go direct if you want.. cuts out about 5 or 6 miles.
    3. This is a route to Arta along the coast. . There was a very nice cafe in Arta. From there we went to Betlem which was a nice ride. Return was through Santa Margalida and Muro. It was good to get away from the coast on the return. There was 100's of cyclists on the coast road.

    If you are interested this is a go pro video I took of the Sa Calobra descent.

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  7. Simon_m

    Simon_m Über Member

    Hi again, not sure if these links will work, but these are my garmin rides from last year.

    Have them on Strava too i think, so if these dont work as it could be locked, then I can give you them. Got lots of pics and vids from the rides. Dont think i made them public on youtube though.
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