Canyon headbearings


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Has anybody out there had problems with Canyon headset bearings? Mine are totally shot and was surprised that Canyon want £70 just for the replacements just two small bearings. I nearly fell on the floor. On investigation ive found quite a number of people who have experienced the same problem with such low mileages too. It looks like a case of poor quality components. Far removed from the German workmanship and attention to detail the country is famed for. In my experience keep away from canyon bikes...


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I got about 7,000 miles out of my Inflite8 8 CX before changing the headset bearings.
Not too bad for the on/off road use the bike gets, I don't think.
A mate changed them for me, but I can't remember how many £££ they cost.
Unless they are some weird size any decent bike shop should be able to fit them for not much money;a Deda headset is only about £25.

To be fair they are not difficult to fit.


As above, there usually standard taper steerer on Canyon.

So if its a taper you just buy them.
Or as above if you take them out and get the sizes


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Thanks mate. Just sent them an email to see if they have the relevant bearings. So much cheaper than Canyon. They are a bloody rip off.!
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