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My carbon bike took a severe hit and badly bent the rear drive side dropout which was a non replaceable aluminium hanger. I thought that the frame may have been a write-off but I have had a new dropout fitted by HQ Fibre Products. It has come back today as good as new. I don't know how they got the old one out and the new one in as the carbon is very thin at the chain stay, seat stay junction.
Marvelous job for £94 inc p&P.
It may be of use to someone in the future to have a note of this company.


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Cheers Rich.. company noted.
Can you pass on the contact details.


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Just seen this post from Heart attack on here last year. Sounds good enough to me
and I am glad it turned out OK Rich

HeartAttack said:
Google HQ Fibre Products, Norwich they are local to me and if its carbon and can be fixed they are the people to do it, Mike the main man is the one who made the first Lotus bike for Boardman, I've also seen him repair carbon wheels and snapped frames, made them as good as new and once painted in the case of a frame no idea it'd been fixed.

He sorted my Zipp wheel out last month after I hit a pot hole hard while racing, rim cracked, 3 days later and £46 lighter in the wallet I was back on the road, unless you know where to look you can't see the repair. Frame's I think cost about £60+vat per tube, more tubes then a sliding scale.

If I was you send a frame to the experts to sort don't risk a DIY job on something as important as a frame. It'll only cost you a phone call to see if anything can be done. Oh and he doesn't have email or the like, so phone is the best route, plus you'll talk to the man himself.
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rich p

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HQ Fibre Products
Vale Farm Workshop
Blofield Road
NR13 4AJ

The whole thing was done and dusted in a week including posting both ways.



The other thing to note is that I won't buy another bike without a replaceable hanger! I pointed out to Scott UK that as this years model does have it then mine could be deemed a design fault and they might wish to contribute financially. He blanked that one!


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Blimey. That's good to know.

Edit: That carbon tolerates a fix like this. Not that Scott don't want to know.


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With a break in the middle of a tube like the one illustrated I wouldn't hesitate to get it repaired or even attempt a repair myself. At the end of a tube or a stay, I would certainly send it to a professional.
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rich p

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Aperitif said:
I just know you would have liked to get away from the collision 'Scott free', rich, but you must be pretty pleased with that! I think there needs to be a reference list of all these top dudes who provide services like this. "Admin!" :ohmy:
I'm over the moon, Martin! I was looking at a new frame plus parts but a new bike would have been more realistic.
As it is I need a new wheel £170, frame repair £94 and I have an old derailleur so not too bad all things considered.
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