Carbon Road Bike - Black/grey/cheap


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Some of the specifications I would like:
  • Black or grey.
  • £500 or less
  • Light (like under 8kg although for £500 I appreciate that may be unlikely)
  • Rim brakes
  • Local (30 miles from Manchester)
  • Clincher wheels
  • 5 Bolt crank set
  • Newish, say 5 years old at most
  • Would be nice if it could accommodate 28mm wide tyres
  • I'm 5'8" so probably small/medium.
  • Not too fussed about number of gears, I have an 8 speed at the moment so that or more.
  • It would be used for a few 20-30 mile rides a week and an occasional longer ride.
I'm probably going to add more specifications when I think of them and I'm quite picky so apologies in advance when I reject your bike. :smile:

Oh and a satnav where you can upload your own route.

Edit: Satnav's separate.
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Not carbon - but new for £430

For Sat Nav use your phone with RidewithGPS app or similar.


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Best bet is looking on eBay or Facebook marketplace. Some more sensible prices finally seem to be appearing now.

If you can find something with Shimano 105 groupset you'll be doing well but worth looking for IMO.


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I wouldn’t buy cheap carbon, I’d buy newer better specced alu with lighter parts
Eg something like this is 35 miles from Stalybridge, ending today
£500 carbon is going to be getting on a bit, 5 years or newer is likely whistling into the wind in the current market, more likely to get something like this for your budget if it has to be carbon
(or it’ll be stolen).

Also this really is about the very worst time of year to buy a summer roadbike (other than May/June/July/August) ...if you can wait until January you may find something more easily!
Your search area is very small too I’d say given all the other wants
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Unless you are sexually aroused by carbon, you may well find many higher end alloy framed bikes actually weigh less than cheap carbon ones (like my Felt does my Boardman) and there will be more within your budget.


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Good luck in your search. My carbon bike misses your want list on quite a few items, yet the same model, spec and age as mine sold recently on e-bay for about £900, so you may have to either downgrade your wants list or up the budget by (possibly) quite a bit.


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I agree it's an exhaustive list! I've got a black Giant TCR available that I'll probably be letting go for about that figure, but I'm not near Manchester, and it's a M/L. And you'll not get GPS with it for 500. And it's older than 5 years, albeit 3 years of that it's been stored indoors and not ridden.
You'll be rejecting a few I fear! 🤣
But you never know, so fingers crossed with your search. 👍


Go a bit older and you’ll get a good CF frame with Ultegra 10 Speed groupset for that budget, It will be a brilliant bike.
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