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Hi all, I completed a 100km charity run recently and felt fine apart from a sore backside! I was suprised that my legs were okay as the furthest I'd cycled before that was about 50km but that was maybe 2 to 3 times a week to build my basic fitness. Anyway I'm doing another 100km charity ride next saturday and was wondering whether a carbon seatpost would be more comfortable, my local bike shop said it would absorb more vibrations but i'm don't want to shell out 80 odd pounds if it doesn't help! I ride a hybrid (Giant crs 0) and wondered if anyone has changed their alu stem for a carbon one and if it makes any difference? Thanks.
Adjusting your saddle is likely to make more of a difference. And it will save you 80 quid!
But carbon seat posts do look nice.:wahhey:


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A carbon post will make no difference to this - best just to keeping riding and it will improve, or change the position of the saddle or change the saddle completely if you still have problems after a few more rides. Remember that if you take several weeks off the bike you'll be back to square one again.
A carbon seat post will make a small difference but it wouldn't justify £80, just 1-2% at most IMO. As part of the upgrade of the whole bike I changed my Spesh Sirrus seat post from an alu one to a carbon one; mainly because I wanted to get rid of the original suspension post and found it made little noticeable difference.


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Will it make a difference to the ride quality? Yes, I'd expect you'd feel it dampen some surface vibration.
Will it solve your problem? Almost certainly not!
Would I spend £80 on a carbon seat post to try & make you feel more comfortable on the bike? No!
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