carbon short-drop rim-brake frames taking 28mm tyres


I’ve reached the point where I can no longer tolerate riding tyres narrower than 28mm on Britain’s decaying, appallingly maintained and ubiquitously coarse-chipsealed road network.

All my bikes except one are now fitted with tyres at least 28mm wide, so to get the final bike back into use I am looking for a new carbon fibre road frame that takes short-drop rim brakes but can accommodate 28mm tyres. Ideally this capability will be evidenced by real-world confirmation of such 28mm clearance.

As I’ll be transferring components from an existing 25mm-max bike (which irritatingly has brake shoes at the top of their slots and very narrow seatstay/chainstay gaps), the new frame needs to meet the following criteria. Any suggestions?

Essential criteria:
  • Available as frameset only
  • Standard-mount rim brakes (i.e. not direct-mount)
  • Standard short-drop brakes but able to accommodate 28mm tyres (mudguard clearance not required)
  • Standard 100mmF/130mmR q/r dropouts
  • Only interested in new unused frames
Desirable criteria:
  • BSA-threaded bottom bracket (preferred, but will reluctantly consider press-fit if can take Token/Hambini or similar type adapters)
  • Replacement gear hangers also available to buy
  • Below £1,000


Quite a lot of new rim brake bikes will take 28mm tyres,like these as an example:whistle:(both available as frame sets with custom paint!;

Some older ones can fit them too ;just put 28mm Vittoria Corsa Controls on the better half's ally Liv Avail which has previous gen Ultegra calipers with no issues.


It's worth looking at Direct-Mount brakes, I've recently acquired a bike fitted with them, they are frankly superb. In fact in the dry I prefer them to my Disc braked road bikes.
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