carerra tanneri cx

I bought this from @biggs682 in march last year, it had done 350 miles when I bought it and I reckon I have done no more than about 400 miles on it , I bought it with the intention of riding drops again after my surgery, it served its purpose and I now have a road bike again and a mountain bike, so it is up for sale .
l20190316_154450.jpg 20190316_154456.jpg 20190316_154508.jpg 20190316_154520.jpg 20190316_154553.jpg 20190316_154557.jpg 20190316_184448.jpg
As standard apart from having a rear rack added and cross top brake levers, 21.5" frame,the pictured pedals are not included, it is in very good condition as I hope the pics will show.

Price is £150.00,

im sorry but I will not post due to a past experience and insurance hassles, so will need to be collected from wigan or I can chuck it in the car and meet halfway if not too far.


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is that halfords sizing for the seat tube making it a 56 TT ?
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