Cargo Bikes Breaking Through Everywhere!


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Even Department Stores In The UK
The Danish and the Dutch are at the forefront of serious bicyclists — mom, pop, grandma, grandpa, grandchildren, and the whole family bikes. The European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF) even reports that a quarter of families with two children in Copenhagen own cargo bikes.

The use and sales of cargo bikes are on an incline in these countries. Well, they are in the US as well — we just don’t have nearly the market penetration. Still, UPS, in some US states, has started using cargo bikes to save money, to save the environment, and to operate with more flexibility during the holiday season. Whole Foods is using cargo bikes for transport in Brooklyn, NYC. And many families are starting to use cargo bikes.

Cargo bikes are revitalizing cities in Germany as well — as the country’s companies get serious to offset city congestion and pollution. The revitalization and staying power of the cargo bike is growing, and the latest sign of that is that a popular department store in the UK now sells them.

John Lewis, a well-known UK department store, now has a brand-name cargo bike — the Johnny Loco Dutch Delight E Cargo Bike.

The BBC points out, “From Portland, Seattle and Vancouver to Toronto, Boston and New York and points in between, urban businesses and residents are discovering what European and Asian city-dwellers have known for years: cargo bikes make sense, whether used to deliver goods through traffic-choked streets, lug kids to a park or buy groceries.”

I have a theory in that all you need is the right shop selling a bike to be able to change the use of bikes.

These machines are common where there is a shop locally that can provide, service and repair them

Look at Cambridge, and parts of London


iv seen a few of these in use around tyneside! alot seem tobe kona bikes,some look custom built, seen a young lad on the sky ride riding a cargo, iv not seen any in the shops though!
my mates mrs works in fenwicks newcasle(dept store)she says they were lookin th stock more dutch style bikes and range of city bikes when we were talking about cargo! she said that sort of style was in the range,they didnt want to do racers or mtn bikes!
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