Carlton 1957-58 Frame


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Hi Hoping someone can help

i picked up a carlton frame Number F9159 - 069 stamped on underside bottom bracket shell
Paint on frame in a fairly bad state but components ok(?)
Paint of original bike was painted over with lead paint all grey except for badge
i'm thinking bike may have been nicked and painted etc.

chrome is ok rust spots etc but can be fixed with TLC the rest of frame is my problem
if frame number is correct and age is correct as per carlton website i'm looking for a picture
of bike colours in 1957-58 so i can repaint back to original.
Long shot but would anyone have a picture of same bike
colours under grey paint - Vivid Sky Blue - Blood Red - Ivory White - Chrome
Any help at all would be great please pass on if you know anyone that could help
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Welcome. :smile:. Picture worth a thousand words as they say :biggrin:


Back in the day Carlton loved to do a wide range of colours and finishes as an option, plus they loved chrome so it's tricky to tie a particular finish to a model despite what they say below.. Got easier as time went on as options reduced. Just look at these seat tubes :smile:

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