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I have a few bikes, one is a very old Carlton. It has frame number NG5240985 It looks like it was made in Nottingham, in MAY it could be the 985 th frame. but what does the 5240 mean? The first number is said to mean the year (5) but is it 1975 or 1985? I think that post 1981 the carlton frames are said to have a W frame number not NG. Does anyone have further info please? It is a nice light bike with a racing style not touring. I need to know the value too if possible. Thanks!;)

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Try these links for info:

If it has a number starting with N it is definitely post-Worksop, i.e. post-1981 (But apparently not vice versa a some Nottingham built Carltons had W frame numbers). It would therefore seem that in your case the first 5 is for 1985 as in 1975 the first letter would have been a W. It appears they made quarter of a million bicycles in just that one factory in May 1985!!!!

If it is likely to be reasonably original you can also date to an era by the components fitted - for example my Carlton Pro-Am 12 has Suntour VX/x gears which I think were only around in the late 70s and corroborates the frame number which dates it to 1978. Also - follow the links on the Carlton and Retro-Raleigh websites and there are copies of old catalogues which might list your model so you can pin it down to within a few years that way too.


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I have a suspected Carlton with a frame number WM 7003-597

So... WM 7 = Worksop September 1977 maybe? Or 1987? But what are the other numbers?
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