Carradice Bagman Seat Stay Struts

Heltor Chasca

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I remember someone on here putting up some photos of their Carradice bagman rack showing some stays attached to it. I can’t find the post anywhere. I thought it was @ianrauk but he denies owning canvas luxury. As I have a small frame I also have the same problem if I load up for a long weekend, the weight can bounce and hit the mudguard.

If it was you: What parts did you use to join the stays to the rack? (At the T junction)

I think you have made a brilliant solution and if you don’t mind I wouldn’t mind copying your brilliance!

Please own up. Thanks.


Theree is a Bagman 2 which appears to have built in support


Carradice sell support struts for the standard Bagmen

The Bagman 2 has been dropped and is no longer available except as NOS.
The support was aluminium rather than steel, and had a tendency to fatigue & break if used with a heavier load.

Having said that, my reaction to the bounce was to wrap a strip of rubber mat (found at the roadside) around the rear of the support, secured by a couple of zip ties.
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Heltor Chasca

Heltor Chasca

Out-riding the Black Dog
Pressed the button! I bought the struts from SJS. Beautifully machined parts. Thank n fitting by them it appears there is a spare triangle of space to attach a mat or something. It is also very neat and tidy. I have a decent ride coming up to trial the set up. Thanks all.
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