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Bit of a thread resurrection, I know... I think I have a similar question to Gaz's original one - trying to ditch the small rucksack I carry to/from work with a folded work shirt & underwear (plus "bits") in. @gaz - How did/are you getting with the Barley? I think it's the one I'm leaning towards, but need to be sure it's big enough to take a folded work shirt.
It's good, I don't use it so much for commuting now, more for just day trips out.
It holds shirt, socks pants, two tubes, pump, multitool, glasses case etc... with zero issues and plenty of room to go. The bags have a pull string section on the top that you can use to get everything fitted well and then the buckle style securing system allows for wiggle room on what you have in there. I have had issues with packing things in there for work.
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