Carrera TDF or Viking Roma

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  1. sert0

    sert0 Member

    Hi all,
    I'm looking to buy my first road and need some advice on which might be a better purchase. I've been looking at the Carrera TDF from Halfords vs a Viking Roma online. I know these bikes are entry level and I'm under no illusion that they're amazing bikes but I just need something cheap, that I can commute to work on everyday (18miles) and train and take part in triathlons with (just a fun hobby not a proper competitor).
    Any advice/reviews on these two models would much appreciated.
  2. Edwards80

    Edwards80 Über Member

    Stockport, UK
    As will be predicted by many . . .

    Have you had a look at the B'Twin Triban 3 at Decathlon?

    I bought mine for the same reason as you, a cheap 20 mile a day commuter. 3500 miles later and I'm commuting/doing club runs/100+mile rides and tonight potentially my first time trial.

    Rather pleased with it, nothing special but excellent value for money.
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  3. rb58

    rb58 Enigma

    Bexley, Kent
    +1 for the Triban 3.
  4. MissTillyFlop

    MissTillyFlop Evil communist dictator, lover of gerbils & Pope.

    Another +1 for the Triban 3 - got a great review in this month's cycling active.
  5. LosingFocus

    LosingFocus Lost it, got it again.

    Aye, Triban is a great bike, TDF is good too if its easier for you to use Halfords rather then Decathlon.
  6. Hacienda71

    Hacienda71 Mancunian in self imposed exile in leafy Cheshire

    Wilmslow, Cheshire
    The Carrera over the Viking, but as the others have said the Triban over the Carrera
  7. OP

    sert0 Member

    Excellent thanks a lot for the advice, i'll check it out. Just out of curiosity, what makes the Triban the better bike?
  8. Robeh

    Robeh Senior Member

    +1 for the carrrea TDF had mine for 12 months,excellent bike for the money...done1500 trouble free miles....

    Im now selling it to make way for another road bike...
  9. Kiwiavenger

    Kiwiavenger im a little tea pot

    front carbon forks and iirc its slightly lighter as well. Decathlon are a french company and love cycling so it will be put together better as well (depending on competency of the halfords staff)
  10. I'm pretty sure Decathlon's UK stores are not staffed with French migrant workers..?? It usually takes more than 'being French' to make someone a good bike mechanic.. ;)
  11. Kiwiavenger

    Kiwiavenger im a little tea pot

    lol i meant the companys standards towards bikes and cycling in general.

    however wander in with a croissant and a nice pinot and im sure youll be welcomed!
  12. I own a Viking SS, its a great bike (a cheap but reliable bike to keep me fit & train) but my emphasis would be on the Carrera, I think its lighter and better specced and whilst it may be put together by muppets you at least have something physical to deal with. However given what I've read about the Triban, I'd definitely check them out too.
  13. Hacienda71

    Hacienda71 Mancunian in self imposed exile in leafy Cheshire

    Wilmslow, Cheshire
    Apart from Stockport where there seems to be a ratio of about 50:50 French to English
  14. 172traindriver

    172traindriver Legendary Member

    Bought a TDF as a winter bike 3 years ago for £250 at the time. It has had several mods, but was cracking value. Full mudguards were a must.
    The nice bikes stay indoors during winter and I can still train.
  15. OP

    sert0 Member

    So I bought the Triban on Tuesday and must say it's a cracker. Thanks everyone! Incidentally the two staff members I spoke to in Decathlon were in fact french and extremely helpful!
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