Cars should be fitted with sound proofing relative to the power of their stereos.


Also the stereo should be completely neutralised as soon as a window is lowered or the soft top comes down. If they are too hot then they will just have to get air-con. I am amazed that people want to listen to their music sooooo loud that it actually looses quality and definition. Within the small area of a car there is an optimum over which it is pointless to go. Even if your speakers can take it there simply is not enough volume of air in the car to allow the sound waves to be experienced with clarity, they just interfere with each other creating chaos. These people are as stupid as they are obnoxious.
This is proof, if it were needed, that at 41 I have become a proper old fart. However, in true old fart style I do not give a monkey's what nots.


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Whilst I agree with the above - the extremely loud boom boom music blaring out of a car can be a useful safety warning to cyclists:whistle:


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Whilst I agree with the above - the extremely loud boom boom music blaring out of a car can be a useful safety warning to cyclists:whistle:
Yeah, you can feel them getting closer from over 1/2 a mile away. In a built up area not always a good thing though.
They always seem to ignore the one way systems, no entry signs that everyone else has to obey. This may be down to their age. That or they're small for their age, seldom see the whole of the had though the windows.


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Sat at traffic lights on Sunday with a hot hatch to the right of us with music so loud that it drowned out our conversation. His windows were up, we put our windows up and still it was deafening. Rubbish music (If I can call it that) too.

We could hear him for another 1/4 mile after we left the junction & he was waiting for the filter light. He was in a ratty, rusty little ancient Saxo that we wouldn't have been suprised if it had fallen apart with all the vibration.


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I thought that the whole purpose of having a loud stereo was to inflict hideous misogynistic noise on complete strangers.


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With the vibration from the speakers I'd not be surprised if the tyres aren't in constant contact with the ground it's amazing they don't slide off the road going round corners or waiting at traffic lights!


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I saw a crappy old banger once, "music" blasting out. It was so loud, the rear wiper was actually leaping off the glass to the beat.

Either that or it was trying to commit suicide due to embarrasment.


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Remember Raffles the Gentleman Thug in Viz, he had a Messrs Bang and Olufsen turntable fitted to his automobile, bangin' out some wicked tunes - can't find a copy of it though, bah!


Mind you, so did Laurel and Hardy...

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