Casco speedster aero helmet review

After a couple of accidents that involved me popping my head through car windows and gettinga few scars on my face from the glass, I decided to get a helmet with a visor fitted. This pretty much limits the choice down to aero helmets. I looked at the giro air attack shield, the kask bambino and the casco speedster and speed airo.
The Giro does not have many vents and as I wanted to use it in all conditions I decided against that. The Kask I wasnt a fan of the styling and of the two casco helmets, I preferred the look of the speedster and it was quite a bit cheaper!
I ordered the helmet and found the cheapest price was £120. I went for the neon green colour. The helmet is also available in black, white and brown but I like bright colours and it may just give me an edge on my commute.
The helmet is well made and the inside of the helmet is well finished, certainly better than the giro helmets I have had in the past. It has a cradle retention system inside and pads that have velcro on the back so they can be removed for washing. The retention system is adjustable via a dial at the back of the helmet. It is easy to use even with gloves on to get the right fit. The strap that goes under the chin has a different lock system to any other helmet I have seen. It is a plastic c shaped clip that just clips onto one of the metal D rings. It is a strange thing to get used to but is ok after a few uses and you soon pick up the knack of using it.
The visor is removeable and there are 3 colour options available. Black with a mirror tinit, orange for low light and clear with a bit of a mirror tint. I bit the bullet and got all 3 (the green helmet comes with a clear visor) I got the additional visors for £35 each. The visor sits on your nose and has a plastic and soft material protection, so it does not dig into the face. They are very good and I can use the visor along with my glasses with no problems. There is no distortion with the visor which was something I was a ilttle worried about. I went out last weekend early in the morning, the visor misted up when I stopped to get some money out of a cash machine, but it was about 2 degrees C and it cleared as soon as I was on the move again. It is brilliant in the rain. Today I was riding in hail and although the bottom of my face was uncovered and getting stung with that hail, the part covered by the visor was fine. I am not sure about the aero claims but I did not buy it for that!
Overall its a different looking helmet, which I am not too bothered about. Its the functionality that I wanted and it has ticked all the boxes for me so far.


Formerly just_fixed
I've got a warp sprint, and a speed time.
I'm getting a bit addicted to Casco lids.


The Warp sprint has a visor, but I knew I would have been riding into the night, so I took it off. The Speed time visor is flip-able, so I left it on.
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