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Tony Cano

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Hi, as per the title. I have a set of D.t. Axis 2.0 wheels which housed a 10speed cassette. The problem I have is the setup I was going with (new build) was7 speed. Can I fit a 7speed cassette to these and how?

Thanks Tony
According to Sheldon Brown ,The wider 8/9/10-speed freehub body requires a 4.5 mm spacer behind a 7-speed cassette.


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You will need a few spacers from an old cassette. I run a 7 speed MTB with 10 speed wheels. Just pop one or two 3mm spacers on first. SJS may have cassette spacers.

I've run out of spares as I've given quite a lot away on here.


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In general the freehub will accept an 8/9/10 speed cassette, it may accept an 11 speed too depending on age, some Shimano 10 speed freehubs are 10 speed only and will not accept anything else. A 7 speed cassette may need a spacer.
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