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Hi all,
Last night I fitted a new 10 speed 105 cassette to my Fulcrum Racing 3 wheel. The hub takes an 11 speed cassette but came with a spacer to fit a 10 speed. So spacer went on first and then the new cassette. I then took it out for a run. DISASTER. Despite all best efforts it just will not rest on the cogs on the highest gear ( smallest cog ) but keeps bouncing up and down and slipping. I have adjusted and adjusted and adjusted so more. Does anyone know what the $%&* is going on with it. What have I not done:banghead:


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Sounds like you need to re-adjust the derailleur



Loosen the cable slightly as it might be at full stretch on the 2nd smallest cog .


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The 105 cassette should have come with a thin spacer which is required when replacing (for example) a Tiagra 10 speed cassette (in addition to any spacers required by the hub).
I'm sure it should have a spacer included.
Mine did, and it's required when replacing a Tiagra/'standard' cassette.

It's shown here too:
I'd have a word with CRC.
RebornBumbler you were right. Spoke with CRC and yes it should have come with a 1.0mm spacer which is fitted in addition to the 1.85mm spacer that came with the hub. They are sending it out ASAP. Thanks friend. This is why I joined Cycle Chat. You have no idea how close I came to going back on the cigs ! It had me completely baffled:thumbsup:


I had exactly this with my 105 10 speed cassette on my Zonda's. Spacer with wheel for 10 speed cassette and spacer with cassette to fit even if on a 10 speed freehub. Seemed odd when doing so, but it is correct.
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