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    I saw that earlier too, it is a good deal for a nice piece of clothing kit. Castelli does size up small. I can often get away with a Small jersey but in Castelli I need a Medium, so I would go a size up. They have all sizes available when I looked earlier, I expected it to be a reduced range of sizes but they seem to have the lot available.
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    Castilli size up extremely small - I usually have to jump two sizes up over most brands, although I'm more *cough* a triangular sprinter's physique than a straight up-and-down climbing snake. To give an example, I'm a Rapha/Wiggle medium, and Adidas Large and a Castelli XL.
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    Castelli size most of their clothing to be a snug fit, with no flapping material.
  5. Cycleops

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    Yes those Ities are very small and wiry so expect to go up two or even three sizes. My Casteili jersey is XXL but I’d say it was a medium ( 40-42” chest) related to U.K. sizes.
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    It's not just that Castelli sizes are small. They're inconsistent.

    For example, I'm an M for the Gabba and an L for their Perfetto Light. They're both essentially the same jersey except the Gabba has a windstopper lining on the back and the Perfetto has a more breathable back without the lining. And the sizing is different.

    Good luck.
  7. vickster

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    Normally I’d say buy two sizes but Merlin charge for returns so it’ll cost you a minimum of £2.90 to send one back
  8. bpsmith

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    Doesn’t the Perfetto have a stretchy material back, whilst the Gabba has more of a soft shell finish?

    That would explain the difference in sizing, so you still get the snug fit.
  9. Tin Pot

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