Catastrophic failure - ouch.

Crap....hope you are ok mate.


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One of my bikes is 25 years old, still with the original bars :tongue:


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I hate stories like that...argh. Glad you are OK.

Original 90's Cinelli 66's on the best bike.....

PS what are the bars that snapped, where, and age please......


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Ouch. Heal up soon!!

Had a stem snap on my old Raleigh Scorpion many years back. Wasnt hurt, just a comedic scenario with me trying to push off from a junction on a very quiet sunday. Cue me standing there, bike on the floor and handlebars still gripped.

Picked up the bike, walked back home as it was only around the corner and swapped for an old mountain bike stem off a childs bike. Made it into work but no one beleived me. :tongue:
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