Cattle Grids


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Hit one at speed a while ago and needed clean shorts after;)

I keep a wary eye out now and take them slowly. Do most road bike riders go over them or open the gate and go round? I havent done any damage on them just wondered if I am doing the right thing.


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I usually end up hitting them at either dead slow (uphill) or flat out (downhill). I try and unweight the bike as I go over. A sort of little half jump when you're on it.
Any speed, out the seat, hit 'em straight and keep your legs bent to absorb the impact at speed. Stay out the car tracks, as the road is normally worn in front of the grid leaving a ridge, so look for out for that. Deer grids are even bigger but normally better installed for some reason.

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I find them less vibratory at speed. Make sure you take a straight line over them, especially if it's damp. Uphill, try to gain enough speed so that you can ease up over the metalwork (especially if it's damp). Watch out for wide grids laid in sections - there may be a gap wide enough to accept a bicycle wheel (whether or not it's damp).
Spinney said:
Definitely stand up - they rattle my brain and teeth, never mind the bike!
No sit down its much more fun :angry:



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Un-weight the bike or even bunny hop while you blast over as fast as possible and taking it square on.


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I ride one every day on my commute. Just line them up and coast over if you can (oh and get out of the saddle)

My hybrid hasn't been shaken apart yet (as much as I try to do so sometimes :wacko:)


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i go as fast as i can but dead st8, ps on my mountain bike whils goneing almost 40 mph down a silly hill, i found i could bunny hop and clear one!!!
hehehe far too old to be sencible
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