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Page may contain affiliate links. Please see terms for details. i'm going to start one thread to bore you all and check-in on stateside progress.

So far, i've only managed to entice one yank to take a look at CC, but don't think she joined, but i'll perservere If there is a sudden influx of Marin county blondes, it's all my fault.

Anyway, had horrible storms over weekend so didnt make it over the golden gate bridge, in fact i've barely been out with my camera, but here is a snap i took from my phone on my morning walking to the Social Security Office

No go right ahead - USA is a place that I have visited a couple of times - read a lot about - but really know very little about - any insights into what makes it and them tick would be interesting - am in two minds whether I want to go again

I have worked abroad on a number of occasions - middle east and Africa - so know the excitment of a new enviroment - and the uncertainty

Good luck with your new endevour


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Ah San Francisco, don't call it San Fran, it upsets the locals so I was told! I used to go there often for work and it's one of the few places in the world that I have a yearn to re-visit. One day.


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Wonderful city. Also the scene of one of my favourite movie scenes when I was a kid....from What's up Doc? Two guys carrying a massive sheet of glass across the road, trying to avoid a succession of vehicles involved in a mad chase - forward, back, forward, back...waiting for the inevitable was never so much fun...


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Cor Tollers you lucky blighter! I love California and S.F. in particular!
There are some hardy souls who cycle out there. On one drive to Stinson Beech I passed a chap near Sausolito (I think that's the name) just the other side of the Golden Gate.
We had lunch on the beech, flew the kite for a while then set out for home only to see the guy cycle down the coast road into the town! It must be the equivalent to cycling over Snowden!


SF is one of my favourite cities and the West Coast is always fun. I have a friend who lives in Burlingame near the airport who married one of those Marin county blondes. ;)
Happy Birthday Mark Happy Birthday Mark

So good they named it twice! Ooooo err that's the other place innit?

Never mind, I'm late to the forum but enjoy the rest of the English day for your birthday Mark - take care (check it's real blonde and not from a bottle) - if you're the 'Marin kind' of course, and good health!



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Guru update.....

This week has been about househunting and more bureaucracy.

Social Security has been a soul destroying process so far. The day after my trip to the social security office i learned that my application had been rejected based on a "date of birth mismatch". It seems that immigration recorded my fate of birth incorrectly and as such i need to fix their records before i can get THE most fundamental official document to start building my life here. The tragic thing in this were that they insisted i had made a mistake with my date of birth, to add insult to injury (as teef has already realised), that was my 33rd birthday. Certainly the first time i've ever been told "Sorry, you think it's your birthday, but you're wrong" (or words to that effect). Anyway, after re-supplying a passport and birth cert, things are on their way to being corrected, albeit with an extra months delay. temporary accomadation runs out on 24th. I have until then to find a decent apartment. It might surprised you all to learn that SF is actually more expensive than London for a decent apartment (especially if you want to park). This weekend i found the perfect place, but despite all of my prep and references and UK credit history and landlords phoning my employers...AND my beautiful accent (you guys sound beautiful too), I didn't get the apartment i wanted. Nor even second choice. The market here is so competitive. So.....back to square one with 10 days accommodation to go. Getting scared hence this post. You guys always make me smile.....despite being limeys.

As an aside, the wine here is actually OK. NEVER try Oregon wine though. I learned about a new style of reggae called Rock Reggae on Friday. It seems to be dominated by white drunk american kids, in fact when someone mentioned "roots" i almost spat my hard liquor out. For those who havent heard it, "Rock Reggae" sounds like Pearl Jam went to Jamaica, got stoned and were raped by a big black rasta. The bastard offspring was angry about his identity and tried to articulate his "roots" with an spliff, a Marshall amp and a Gibson Les Paul. In summary......a salmon and peanut butter sandwich.

Anyway......i gotta get back to craigslist but, anyway. Miss being in same timezone as you lot and really looking forward to things settling so i can send you a proper (bike related) update with gratuitous photos of me tanned in lycra, with glass of red in one hand, blonde in the will happen.....honestly :biggrin:



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Mark, Happy belated Birthday fella - not abreast of CC stuff these days (miss you lot- really do)

Keep at it, I feel your pain and really hope that you get somewhere sorted out soon- ffs Appalled at the ineptitude regarding your dob. Do you not have a decant option after 24th? Will company not pay for hotel etc in the interim? Work those negotiation skills!

Take it easy mate and don't pick up the wrong accent - we may just beat it out of you when we come to visit (several pairs of eyes are scanning your post for fixed accommodation so we can come and stay-hehe) or you're back in London town!


Great news.....i have an apartment....or rather i will have an appartment from tonight once i sign the lease. As a bonus, each of my closet's is big enough for at least 6 bike! I might turn one closet into a study! :smile:

Pretty close the the ocean and the big orange bridge.

Weight of my mind. A few more things to sort out (like furniture) and i might even have time for a ride.

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