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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by somekindofwizard, 7 Jan 2008.

  1. somekindofwizard

    somekindofwizard New Member


    I am thinking about moving somewhere out in west london around Surbiton or Tolworth and with the idea of keeping my cycling up I need to get to my work on oxford street. Does anyone know the best route to out that way?

    Every route finder I check seems to suggest going down the kingston bypass but I am not sure how safe or legal that would be on a bike!

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. Hi - I'm in Worcetser Park so I sort of know there area. I've just looked this up on google maps and I see what you mean - there's no obvious way of cutting through and avoiding the A3.

    However, there is cycle paths and service roads alongside most of the road so you don't actually have to go on the dual/triple carriageway (technically I think you would be legally entitled to though as its an A road(?). You would have to be mental though).

    You would have to faff around with a few roundabouts under flyovers and stuff and there is an almightily big hill up towards Roehampton - good or bad depending on your view on hills - personally I don't like them first thing in the morning :-). You can avoid this by joining the route I take at New Malden and going up the side of Wimbledon Common - there's still a hill but its more of a short, sharp shock than the A3 route. (See,-0.152779&spn=0.035798,0.080338&z=14&om=1)
  3. rjeffroy

    rjeffroy New Member

    Ealing, London
  4. jashburnham

    jashburnham New Member

    Yeah, I'd say Richmond park, then over putney bridge, Fulham road, Kensington to hyde park corner, nip through the park to marble arch and down Ox st.
  5. OP

    somekindofwizard New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions, that looks like a really good route through Richmond, would hope it was fairly quick too without much traffic through the park. Although having never gone there in the morning i could be wrong!

    Good know that I can use the bypass if need be for a slightly shorter route, I never knew there were cycle lanes on it so maybe a good choice for brighter months so I can be seen!

    Fantastic thing the internet, great how you can log on here and get advice of locals, what will technology do next!
  6. Crock of Gold

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    I live just off the Tolworth Broadway and cycle commute everyday into Farringdon. I leave home just before 7am and arrive home just after 6.30pm.

    My route is 14 miles and takes me 1hr 15mins (I'm a slow cyclist). I travel up Elgar Avenue from the Ewell Road, left on Raeburn avenue, cross the stream at Stirling Walk and right onto Kingston Road. Across the Fountain Roundabout at New Malden, across the A3 roundabout then across the Motspur Park Level Crossing. From there it's a short hop to the A298(Busheuy Road) where I turn right. Past Wimbledon Chase, across the Tram crossing, past South Wimbledon Tube, left at Colliers Wood and then straight up past the Tootings onto Clapham Common. Turn right towards Stockwell where I turn left to Vauxhall and - hey presto - it's the fair city of London.

    The biggest problems are the drivers in New Maledn and Surbiton (rat runs) there is a horrible car-jam by Colliers Wood but then it's all straightforward, not least due to bus-lanes aplenty.

    The advantage for me about this route over that of Richmond Park / Putney Bridge way is

    a: It's shorter
    b: The steep, steep, steep ascent of the Robin Hood Hill at Richmond park is avoided.
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