Cervelo paint code match


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A repair shop is repairing a minor crack on a 2018 cervelo r3 colour - fluoro. Does anyone know the paint code for fluoro? The repair guys are struggling to match it. I’ve asked Cervelo and they suggested contacting a repair/paint shop.



When I wanted to colour match custom mudguards for my Brommie I phoned Brompton and they were happy to tell me the RAL colour code for the paint used on my bike.

I'd get back in touch and ask them to get in touch with head office and ask if they can dig a little deeper for you.

If they're not cooperating then there is an app I've used called " Colour Analyser" which uses the camera in your phone to analyse the colour of an object.
It's pretty accurate, but test it by using it on a known colour to check, as different camera phones can process images differently.

A third option is to buy/ borrow a RAL colour chart and use that to match the colour, I'd advise asking a female friend to check, as they have much better colour vision.
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