Chafing cable outers.


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The Jagwire cable outers on my Defy 2 have chafed away at each other, down to the metal in places, where they sit in front of the drop bars.

They have rubbed against each other just through routine turning of the bars.

I have temporarily put insulation tape around the affected areas, but what do others do to prevent this ?


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Insulation tape is as good as anything to help prevent it. You might want to think about replacing the cables soon.
Decathlon do the cable sleeves, (like the Jagwire ones), as well. I've got them on mine as I was getting a lot of cable clatter, they stopped that brilliantly.

IIRC the Decathlon ones are about £4 for a pack of 4.

They are designed to be fitted with new cables, ie: they are not split, but I just cut one side on mine and slipped them on and they are fine :thumbsup:
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