Chain for Huret 5-speed Chainset


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I need to replace the chain on the old Carlton I recently bought and the generic chain on it gives me no indication of what I should use.
From what I've measured and looked up, a KMC 8-speed (7.3mm pin width) should do it. Does this sound about right?


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Any 3-8 speed chain will be okay. Decathlon usually have some good prices:
This has a quick link. You’ll need a chain cuter too.
Measure it against the old one link for link.


Something like this

Plus a chain rivet tool, I have a Rivoli :smile:

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Don't forget you will likely need a new block to avoid skipping.
Fit the chain and test (power, up gentle hill in large ring and middle sprockets). It may well be the bike has not done many miles, and the sprockets are hardened steel so may have suffered little wear. If it slips, then new block (and can probably fit a 6sp block into the 126mm OLD dropouts).
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