1. Velochris

    SOLD Shimano 11 speed cassette and chain. Indoor use only.

    105 5800 11-28 cassette. HG 601 Ultegra chain with new KMC quick link. 54 pairs of outer links/108 rollers including the quick link. Both bought new by me and used for indoor turbo trainer only. Plenty of miles on them but as indoor only the stretch minimal when compared to a new chain I...
  2. Velochris

    Bulk buy. Six Shimano 5800/6800 inner chain rings.

    £30 for the lot posted to UK. Payment by bank transfer. Chain rings removed and swapped from chainsets by me over the last five years or so. All are in good to very good condition. I labelled all but one of them before storing so hoping I labelled correctly. I cannot tell the differnce...
  3. Velochris


    Minimal use over the last couple of years but stood in a damp garage. Chain shows absolute minimum stretch on Park chain tool. 108 link holes long. No stiff links. 11-28 cassette. New KMC quick link. Cleaned and degreased. Ideal for winter or commuter bike. £18 posted to standard UK...
  4. TTSS

    Removed from sale. New Hope Bottom Bracket 68- 73 mm (Red).

    1. Hope BB in Red . - BB 68 - 73 mm new in it's original packaging with fitting instructions. £70 posted . I would consider a swap for the identical one (unused) in blue, silver or black. *** Posted to standard UK post codes, using Royal Mail signed for only. *** I'm not offering collection...
  5. Wester

    Lubing my chain

    I cycle eight miles a day five days a week How often should I lube my chain ?
  6. GuyBoden


  7. R

    KMC X9 9 speed chain options (no nickel plating vs half nickel plating vs full nickel plating)

    Looking at getting a KMC X9 9 speed chain. Trying to decide between the 3 options below: Prices are roughly: £11 - 13ish for no coating £17ish for half nickel plating £20ish for full nickel plating Anyone have any experience with any of these? Is the extra price for the nickel plating worth...
  8. X

    sram s600 chain rings

    hey guys an lassies, i fitted a new cassette and 9 spd chain to my ancient rock rider 540, this one to be exact i believe i need a new middle chain ring as i get mad slipping with the new chain on my middle front ring which makes...
  9. E

    How often do you clean your chain?

    Just ordered a muc off chain cleaner thing. commuting daily around 20 miles a day, mostly on roads. every couple of weeks too much?
  10. Andy in Germany

    Rough chain after maintenance...

    I've mentioned elsewhere that my chain was a bit rough in certain gears, and the main advice was to clean it. The roughness seemed to be generally improving but on the weekend I gave the chain a thorough going over with WD40, hot soapy water, two old toothbrushes and an assorment of smonged ans...
  11. A

    2 in1 Bike - Road or Gravel

    Allied Echo Change in geometry via adjustments to dropouts and fork. Plus 2 sets of wheels - one wider for gravel (650) and the narrower(700) for road. Is there value or just a novelty? View:
  12. J

    FSA 46 teeth chain ring

    Hi Guys I'm fitting a new chainring for my pal , it's a FSA 46 teeth 4 hole type , I ordered a 5 hole by mistake , and I can't find any 4 hole types in stock anywhere , is there an equivalent or can anyone recommend something to solve the problem
  13. D

    7-speed cassette & chain

    I dug out an old racing bike recently, and need to replace the chain and probably the cassette, but I can't remember the spec. I don't have the bike at hand to check, either. It's a Peugeot, and probably dates from the late 1980's. It has a 7-speed Shimano 105 groupset, Biopace chainrings(!)...
  14. J

    FSA Gossamer Chain Rings

    Hi I'm replacing the large ring on the above chain ring but when I bolt it back together with the old smaller ring the 2 are too close to allow the chain to bed properly , I've tried different ways round all the rings are lined up but it's flumexed me
  15. matticus

    How are custom frame builders dealing coping with supply chain issues?

    Anyone have recent experience? (I imagine those that supply complete bikes will suffer more.)

    Broken chain HG53

    This chain is only three weeks old, less than 700kms! Humid environment - Yucutan and Quitana Roo, Mexico. One week was spent riding close to the shore and salt pans. I removed the chain earlier today to derust* and clean and only then noticed these radial cracks on the plates (both sides of...
  17. keithmac

    Heavy duty chain?.

    Hello again!. When I built my ebike I fitted the chain off my old Shimano 24 speed kit. I now have a single sprocket and chain ring. The Shimano HG chain fits the sprockets fine but I have the option of slightly wider if required. What chain do I need to replace my Shimano HG with for heavy...
  18. Chris S

    Brown bicycle chain

    How does a new brown bicyle chain differ from an ordinary steel one? What have they done to it to give it a brown colour?
  19. F

    New Chain

    Hi When I upgraded the wheels on my giant advanced 1 I also fitted a new cassette, at this point I should have replaced the chain but stupidly didn’t, the chain snapped the other day and I’m looking to replace it but not sure what to get, looking for suggestions (looking to order Amazon prime)...
  20. ExBrit

    Can you fix the Brompton chain in the field?

    I have a six-speed and I notice the Brompton toolkit has a chain breaker. But it looks like if I remove a bad link the chain will be 1" shorter and I won't be able to get it back on the bike. There isn't enough slack in the tensioner. Am I wrong? Is there a clever trick I need to know about?
  21. D

    Spare chain link advice

    Help please, my chain separated yesterday on my road bike. I had a link splitter and spare link and managed to fix the chain to ride home. I now need spare links for my repair kit. I have looked online and need to know about 7,8.9 speeds; I am not sure about that question. and don`t know what to...
  22. GuyBoden

    A bit of chain history.

    A bit of chain history. "In 1885, Hans Renold, a skilled Swiss-born engineer who was working in Salford, achieved a significant technical breakthrough when he patented the bush roller chain. With this revolutionary invention bike design change forever." It looks very, very similar to a modern...
  23. nmfeb70

    New Chain Rattling.

    Hi all, I recently changed the chain on my old GT MTB, I measured it to the exact length of the last two but a rattle occurs when the drive side pedal reaches the downward position. Thinking the new chain wasn't catching on the old freewheel, I changed the freewheel but it still rattles. The...
  24. Chris S

    Can you use a 3/32 chain with 1/8 sprockets?

    I've got a hub geared bike with 1/8" sprockets. There is clearly much more than a 1/32" gap between them and the edges of the 1/8" chain that I am currently using. Could I use a 3/32" chain instead? I can get one off the shelf from Asda for £4. If I want an 1/8" chain I'll have to buy one...
  25. silva

    Chain lubrication, the balance of pros versus cons

    This isn't a claim for all / general, but for my transport fixed gear used in all conditions. Now empirically proved: lubrication makes my chains wear faster. What is (was) my lubrication: when chain clean (so mostly blinking steel - no black), I put a drop oil on every roller, and after oil...
  26. taximan

    Chain Query

    I was looking at bike chains on E bay this morning and came across chains described as hollow and half hollow. Now I do not ever recall coming across this before (or perhaps I have never really looked) so can someone tell me what the difference is please? and is this something recent. :unsure:
  27. M

    Carbon fibre chainstay

    My cannondale synapse carbon has some rubbing on the chainstay that looks to be from where the tyre was rubbing. I’m not sure it’s my 25 tyres but the previous owner, as they were running 28 wide tyres. It looks superficial and not deep, just past the paint, but I’m curious to know how to...
  28. C

    Was it you in the Bicycle Chain yesterday?

    I was in the Bicycle Chain in Bridgwater yesterday, and in there was a guy who was clearly on a significant tour. He had a road bike, covered in backpacking bags. The technician was checking his chainset etc as he was having problems with his chain slipping all the time. The chain and...
  29. GreenwichSi

    Chain has removed itself from the chainring and the chain guard is seemingly impossible to remove.

    After the Great Evanscycles Fiasco concluded at the end of last week. I was all set to go on my first ride on Saturday, I get the bike outside and start pedalling, only to realise I'm going nowhere as the chain has decided to remove itself from the chainring. "Easy enough to fix", says I before...
  30. gasinayr

    Truvativ Chain Guard

    Looking for a Truvativ chain guard in black to fit 48 tooth triple chain ring
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