1. night cycler

    Is there a dedicated tool to hold this slotted `nut` from spinning while unscrewing- for removing chain rings? See photo.

    Initial thoughts are use a screw driver. The thing is when these are tightened up, a screw driver could not really be used because the `male` part is flush up to the line where a screw driver would be placed. So, in reality there is only a small slot either side to hold the `nut` from rotating...
  2. Shearwater Missile

    Chain length too long

    I have just checked my chain that I replaced recently and discovered it is 1 link too long. It should be 108 links which it was until I added the quick link, making it 110 lengths. It is only noticeable if in small and the last 3 cogs on a 11 speed. My question is this. Should I leave it as it...
  3. L

    When replacing a chain at what angle should the rear derailleur be?

    Photo 1 is in biggest rear cog and front on biggest ring Photo 2 is in smallest rear cog and front on the biggest ring. I feel that in photo 1 the angle of the rear derailleur is a bit too much??
  4. L

    When is it best time to replace bike chain to prevent any cassette damage?

    Today I checked bike chain stretch is at 0.75. So should I replace the chain now? To avoid cassette damage or wait for 1.00. I don't want to replace the cassette at the same time as this will be quite expensive for me. I've only done around 900 miles on this chain, meaning that I would have to...
  5. wisdom

    Oil or specific chain lube?

    Just putting the question out there amongst the cycle chat populous. In summer I use dry lube and in winter wet lube.I mickle the chain every week and apply fresh lube. Years ago we all used normal oil. What are the benefits of specific lube (not brand specific),over oil from an oil can...
  6. M

    Replace partially worn chain when installing new chainrings and cassette?

    Hi all, I have a bike that's done roughly 4000km in 2 years. I’m about to change out the chainrings and cassette which seem to have plenty of life left in them, I'm just switching out for some lower gears. Having checked my chain with a chain checker tool it’s not worn enough to require...
  7. ren531

    Partial chain case on hub geared commuter bike

    Been testing out a modified partial chain case I made for my commuter bike at the start of this winter I am using a Sram S7 hub gear and it would only really work with a hub gear or single speed ,in the past the amount of road filth that got on to the drive chain was just a filthy mess ,so I...
  8. S

    Wot, no chain tensioners - ?

    Sixteen years ago, I had my GT Outpost converted from a 21 speed derailleur to a 5 speed SA hub. I'll quickly add to forestall any SA detractors that apart from an issue a year later, I've had no problems with the system ever since - ! The chain tension was provided with a Surley Singelator...
  9. U

    How do I tighten this chain cover (with pics)

    This cover thingy (not sure what it's called) is wobbly and I guess rubbing on the chain a bit. I thought it would be a simple tightening job. One side is an alan key which is already really tight...I took it out again and retightened but it seems that doesn't affect the position of the plastic...
  10. R

    8 Speed Chain Rings

    After having my "hand slapped" about the state of my chain rings in the "bike maintenance section" I thought I would get some new ones. This is turning out to be quite a task. Currently have a 52-42-30 set up with 130 BCD. However I can find none that are specific 8 speed, would using ones...
  11. robgul

    Chain fallen off?

    I was amazed to see this - a) because it begs the question of why the chain falls off a well-maintained bike, and b) what fingers can't achieve either with a bit of plastic bag as protection, or a plastic glove freely available from...
  12. R

    Choice of derailleur ?

    I'm building a Frankenstein bike out of salvaged spare parts , its going to be a 1x , 22" Coyote hardtail MTB frame,rigid forks, minimal gears, an mtb touring hybrid kind of thing built for comfort and load carrying with panniers. I've rummaged in my pile of bits and come up with these Shimano...
  13. silva

    Accelerated chain wear

    What would have the biggest impact on a chains life, worn off particles from the chain itself or foreign (sprockets and road and air dust) particles? A chain is steel, a sprocket is (mostly) aluminium. Worn off particles usually corrode. So oxides of these. Which oxide is hardest (and thus...
  14. ozboz

    measuring chain wear

    Hiya, i bought a vernier calliper a few weeks ago, so I am after using it to measure for chain wear, anybody know the specific readings I should look at for good to worn and over , metric or imperial over how many links, Cheers
  15. I like Skol

    Which chain splitting tool?

    My trusty old (and very cheap) chain tool of 25-30yrs service has finally failed. It has travelled many thousands of miles in its role as my emergency roadside repair tool as well as being my workshop chain chopper. Currently looking at two possible replacements. As these are from reputable...
  16. Yellow Saddle

    Why a worn cassette cannot damage a new chain

    In the light of constant misrepresentation of the effects of a worn cassette on a new chain, I thought I'd explain why a new chain cannot be damaged by a worn cassette. We've seen this stated here as gospel often, and again, this week. Firstly, we need to understand why a chain wears and what...
  17. Shearwater Missile

    Slipping after chain replacement

    I replaced the chain on my 9 speed Sora after 2500 miles and get the occasional slip on the middle sprocket, by that I mean about half a dozen times in 24 miles. It is not always under load conditions. It did not do it before the chain change and was changed because of wear and no other...
  18. Globalti

    Removing a fixie cog without a chain whip - good trick!

    I've just come across this wheeze for removing a fixie cog without using a chainwhip. Obviously the BB would need protecting unless you didn't care about the paint. View:
  19. stuarttunstall

    Brown substance on chain

    Hi I have a silly question if anyone can help.. I have just been out to check the bike over ready for a little ride Sunday, I have not used it for about 3 weeks due to the weather … I keep the chain well lubed with dry lube as I use it in the dry.. Now looking at it looks like the chain is...
  20. roundisland

    Help PLEASE. Chain to short.

    Just been to Halfords to pick up a new chain. Tried to fit it and it appears way to short. It’s an 11 speed chain which I’m trying to fit to my ebike. I have a 11 - 48t cassette with a single front chain ring of 46t. If I run the chain around the largest gear on the back and the chain ring the...
  21. onb

    Campag Veloce Chain ring and front mech 10 speed

    Campag triple chain ring 170 crankset 50/42/30 the left hand crank is centaur and slightly different colour due to an unfortunate incident with a crank puller £25.00 posted...
  22. EltonFrog

    Floppy Chain, what am I doing wrong.

    Just installed a new chain, but I’m sure it shouldn’t be flopping about in the smallest rings. What have I done wrong. thanks
  23. Slioch

    Unusual (for me) chain failure

    Was doing some routine maintenance today with the bike up on the stand. Whilst slowly turning the cranks to check for any problems there was a slight "thunk" each rotation. Closer inspection showed this :eek: Not sure how long this has been going on for, so I guess I'm lucky that the chain...
  24. Banjo

    Chain wear checker for a Brommie.

    Does anyone know what type chain checker I should use on a Brompton ML6. ? Also any special maintenance I should do.I am giving mine a pre winter clean lube and look over.
  25. steve30

    New Chainrings... and now the chain gets stuck

    My 8 year old Shimano Sora chainrings were getting a bit knackered, so I decided to get new ones. With the intention of saving effort (yeah right), I went to a local bike shop. He got me some new chainrings and fitted them, along with a new chain and cassette. The chainrings are Stronglight...
  26. grellboy

    Re-using a chain pin/rivet

    Just removed chain to clean it. Upon Googling, it seems that it is frowned upon to re-use the chain pin you have pushed part way out. Instead it seems consensus is to remove the pin entirely and replace with a new one. I'm sure I've reused a pin before without any major consequences. Any...
  27. jamin100

    52/36 to 53/39 huge difference & chain length

    I’ve just brought a new chainset and realised I’ve brought a 53/39 whereas my bike currently has a 52/36 My cassette is 11-32 and.m not changing.. I’m ok on the hills and only use the 36/32 on the real steep stuff or when I’m dead on the way back after a club run a hit a hill.. Is there much...
  28. M

    How many miles before changing chain and Cassette?

    I did about 700 miles on a chain and found it needed replacing. The guy at Halfords told me that the cassette would need replacing on the 3rd chain change. So does this mean the cassette would need changing every 2100 miles? I'm also curious as to why my chain is wearing out at 700 miles on my...
  29. cyberknight

    chain catchers

    I know i know i can search :) Anyone have experiences with dog fangs ? Looking at a chain catcher but looking at these over ones that involve undoing the front mech ( braze on) for simplicity , chain has only dropped twice in over 2 years and both in high torque situations so i was...
  30. JuliaT

    Snapped Chain requires new cassette?

    Hi all, During my commute this morning my chain snapped. I took the bike to the shop as I had no tools or knowledge on how to replace it (specially in the middle of the street and having a meeting in the morning). The guy in the bike shop told me that, as I through away the snapped chain he...
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