1. onb

    Campag Veloce Chain ring and front mech 10 speed

    Campag triple chain ring 170 crankset 50/42/30 the left hand crank is centaur and slightly different colour due to an unfortunate incident with a crank puller £25.00 posted...
  2. CarlP

    Floppy Chain, what am I doing wrong.

    Just installed a new chain, but I’m sure it shouldn’t be flopping about in the smallest rings. What have I done wrong. thanks
  3. Slioch

    Unusual (for me) chain failure

    Was doing some routine maintenance today with the bike up on the stand. Whilst slowly turning the cranks to check for any problems there was a slight "thunk" each rotation. Closer inspection showed this :eek: Not sure how long this has been going on for, so I guess I'm lucky that the chain...
  4. Banjo

    Chain wear checker for a Brommie.

    Does anyone know what type chain checker I should use on a Brompton ML6. ? Also any special maintenance I should do.I am giving mine a pre winter clean lube and look over.
  5. steve30

    New Chainrings... and now the chain gets stuck

    My 8 year old Shimano Sora chainrings were getting a bit knackered, so I decided to get new ones. With the intention of saving effort (yeah right), I went to a local bike shop. He got me some new chainrings and fitted them, along with a new chain and cassette. The chainrings are Stronglight...
  6. grellboy

    Re-using a chain pin/rivet

    Just removed chain to clean it. Upon Googling, it seems that it is frowned upon to re-use the chain pin you have pushed part way out. Instead it seems consensus is to remove the pin entirely and replace with a new one. I'm sure I've reused a pin before without any major consequences. Any...
  7. jamin100

    52/36 to 53/39 huge difference & chain length

    I’ve just brought a new chainset and realised I’ve brought a 53/39 whereas my bike currently has a 52/36 My cassette is 11-32 and.m not changing.. I’m ok on the hills and only use the 36/32 on the real steep stuff or when I’m dead on the way back after a club run a hit a hill.. Is there much...
  8. M

    How many miles before changing chain and Cassette?

    I did about 700 miles on a chain and found it needed replacing. The guy at Halfords told me that the cassette would need replacing on the 3rd chain change. So does this mean the cassette would need changing every 2100 miles? I'm also curious as to why my chain is wearing out at 700 miles on my...
  9. cyberknight

    chain catchers

    I know i know i can search :) Anyone have experiences with dog fangs ? Looking at a chain catcher but looking at these over ones that involve undoing the front mech ( braze on) for simplicity , chain has only dropped twice in over 2 years and both in high torque situations so i was...
  10. JuliaT

    Snapped Chain requires new cassette?

    Hi all, During my commute this morning my chain snapped. I took the bike to the shop as I had no tools or knowledge on how to replace it (specially in the middle of the street and having a meeting in the morning). The guy in the bike shop told me that, as I through away the snapped chain he...
  11. Porcia

    Chain wheel replacement

    SO I am looking to change the front chain wheels from 53/ 43 to 50 /38 as I is getting long in the tooth and hills a getting harder to climb. Every thing starts out fine measure the PCB or BCD 130mm not a problem but the strange flat headed Allen bolts holding the ring's to the crank are what...
  12. beatlejuice

    Is my chain ring knackered?

    I have a bike fitted with an Shimano 8 Afline hub gears. I need to replace the chain however I am not sure if the rear sprocket needs replacing. What is the considered opinion? BTW I swopped the original 20 toothed for with one with 2 extras. I live on nasty steep hill! Thanks.
  13. RoadRider400

    Chain falling off hub bike

    I have owned a hub bike for about 3 years and it was second hand when I got it. What is the usual reason for a chain that comes off every 15 miles or so? Luckily my commute is 2 miles so its not that annoying, but I would like to fix if its easy.
  14. S

    Chain Length Calculater

    As each year passes the hills get a little harder so I am looking at changing my 11-30 to a 11-34. I have the large cage so hopefully shouldn't be a problem. Is there a rule of thumb as to how many more links should the chain be longer in relation to upsizing the cassette or is it just...
  15. K

    new chain

    Hi when fitting a new chain should i just use it straight from the box with the grease it came with.Or should i de-grease it and you the oil of my choice ?
  16. Phaeton

    Snapped Chain

    Never had one snap before, 1800 miles poor maintenance, so not interested in a repair new one to go on, but how do I know which one I need, it's a Cube MTB, 3 up front & 10 at the back, is there a poor/med/best brand?
  17. byegad

    Shimano 10 speed triple with 9 speed chain??

    OK, so my 2011 trike needs a new chainset. It's a 27 speed recumbent currently with the SRAM version of Hollowtech BB and I'll swap it to Shimano bearings [the GXP bearings need replacing anyway and my other trike uses Shimano Hollowtech] and finding a suitable touring style 9 speed triple is...
  18. Llankey43

    Snapped Chain

    Whilst on a ride today my chain snapped. On closer inspection two outer link plated had bent slightly. Can this be repaired just by reconnecting with a chain link tool or do I need a new chain???
  19. Sharky

    Chain "Snapped"

    Out at the weekend and the chain started skipping on the rear cassette when I put any significant pressure down. A few miles later, going up a hill - "snap" and the chain broke into three parts. I know chains don't snap. What happened was that one of the links, that I had previously joined...
  20. Angus McCoatup

    Shimano Di2 shifting chain prob.

    Words of wisdom please. I have Ultegra 6800 Di2. Had from new, done 2000km dry miles, never crashed or dropped or otherwise damaged. Worked perfectly from new, not modified in ay way. Kept well maintained, cleaned regularly. Love it and has shifted like a dream since new. Lately however...
  21. Blue Hills

    Chain reaction check out problems?

    Anyone else had this lately. Couple of days ago I had this repeatedly and had to give up. Kept saying there was a problem, then later said my credit card type wasn't valid. Couldn't be a card/credit/bank problem as I had used it the day before on another site and all was well and in any case...
  22. Trigger369

    Chain slipping

    Hi all . Some of u might remember I recently replaced a worn chain on my bike. I tested the bike on the turbo and all was good with the gears . Different story today when I went outside for a club run . Gears changing ok but when I put any power down the chain slips and I need to back off . I...
  23. lane

    Is this the correct chain?

    I ordered and have been supplied with a chain. The order was for, and the invoice confirms, a KMC X10.93 chain. However the packaging makes no reference to the 93 only the X10. It is not the same as packaging online. I just want to check I have got what I paid for. Any way to check or can...
  24. Trigger369

    Chain recommendations

    Having never replaced a chain on a bike and another cycling buddy asked if I'd ever replaced my chain I then went out and bought a chain checker tool. It looks like my chain needs replaced . I also used the other method by measuring the links . They have stretched a fair bit . Chains been on...
  25. mynydd

    chain issue

    Hi, Anyone else had this? I've a new bike (boardman ADV, not that that particularly relevant) It was fine for the first week but suddenly I have an issue when changing down onto the smaller ring at the front. The chain jams, and when I say jam I mean really jams, I have a job getting it unstuck...
  26. bbvelo

    SRAM pre-waxed chain

    Will the wax pre-put on new SRAM chains work as a reliable wet lube?
  27. glasgowcyclist

    What chain for my Alfine 8?

    I'm looking for recommendations for a chain for my bike running an Alfine 8 hub. I'm currently using this (Clarks C410 Single Speed BMX Fixie Bike Chain 1/2" x 1/8" 112 Links) but I don't like the split link that it uses, and it's a bit noisy. Requirements are good wear resistance balanced...
  28. U

    Chain Wear Question

  29. Johnymak

    Chain length

    If changing rear freewheel from 14 / 26 to 14/ 24 Would I need to change chain length
  30. Distorted Vision

    Chain rubbing on front derailer

    I was testing the gears on my brand new Cannondale Synapse whilst it was in the workstand before I rode it. I noticed that the chain was rubbing on front derailer when it was in the smallest chainset and smallest sprocket on the cassette. It is perfect in other gears. Is there something...
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