1. woodbine

    Will this chain fit my 6 speed Uniglide

    I have an old MTB with 6 speed Shimano Uniglide cassette and 3 x Biopace chainrings making 18 gears in total. Is the Shimano Altus HG40 6-7-8 speed chain the correct one? The pin lengths are the same as my KMC chain at 7.3mm. THanks for any advice...
  2. stoatsngroats

    Chain Reaction Cycles - web order Positives 🙂

    Ordered a Moon Comet on Saturday evening and it has just arrived! That’s pretty damn good isn’t it?
  3. A

    Chain not moving to big ring

    Hi, so basically as I was cycling I was not able to shift my chain from the small ring to the big ring. So I got home and undid the bolt and pulled the gear cable for tension and now the gear shifter has gone very soft and the front derailleur does not even move when I shift gear unless I...
  4. Big John

    Chain tension

    Has anyone ever used an old rear mech to tension their single speed chain? Saves spending a fortune on a chain tensioner providing you have an old rear mech knocking around (and I bet we all have garages/sheds full of bike bits) and a spare gear cable. I've road tested it and not only does it...
  5. woodbine

    Removing Excess Links From New KMC Chain With Tool

    I need to remove about 6 links from a new KMC chain. Which side of the chain do I push on with the tool to force the pin out. Smooth side of pipe or dimpled? Thanks for any advice.
  6. DCBassman

    The Chain...

    The Revell mixte recently acquired is a "10-speed" as in 2x5. But it had a 10sp chain on it, as in 10 sprockets. So, needs a proper 5-speed chain. What's recommended by the vintage folks?
  7. 12boy

    Chain tensioner issue

    For the last little while I've been using my Bikegang triple sprocket 11-14-17 with 58 and 38 chainrings. Works well but I've noticed a popping sort of noise which goes away some when pedalling hard, and I wanted a few more gear inches than 85, so I put in a 177% SA hub wheel, which tops out...
  8. Marchaugh

    Chain slipping with new chain, cassette and jockey wheels

    I'm trying to help my brother fix his bike, it's Scott Hardtail and has a Deore XT rear mech. The bike was new in Feb but has been heavily used and abused. Much to my annoyance it doesn't get cleaned that regularly. He said his gears weren't working properly so I checked the 10 speed chain and...
  9. wafter

    KMC B1 chain quick-link - re-useable?

    I'm looking at one of these for my cheap hack as I've seen one at a seemingly good price: However, I'll need to remove and refit the chain regularly. The supplier has confirmed that it has a quicklink included, however have failed to comment on how reuseable this is - and looking at the...
  10. Willd

    Chain coming off front chain ring

    Last time out no issues, today came off 3 time in 30 miles. Nothing has happened to it between rides. Happens when I change to the smallest cog at the rear (11) on the largest (50) chain ring at the front. The front chain ring looks true & measuring it is a consistent distance from the frame...
  11. clid61

    Brompton chain ring

    I bought a second hand brompton start of the year(It's a 6 speed , the guy I bought it off raced the damn thing.). TBH not been out on it a great deal at present, due to lockdown etc. I'm a skinny bugger pushing 60 live on the edge of the Pennines. Needless to say I need a more sedate chainring...
  12. Darkelf720

    Oiling my chain

    Hey everyone. Could you tell me, how often would your recommend oiling my bike chain? I am now doing about 5-10 miles a day ish and some of that is on grass, gravel track and pavements. Had the bike two weeks tomorrow and not oiled it yet. The chain makes no noise or signs of stress and I...
  13. VeganWheels

    Chain Cleaner

    Bought me one of these chain cleaning devices. Anyone suggest a cleaning product & post clean chain lube please?
  14. nmfeb70

    Do I Need A New Chain?

    Hi all, I bought a new Trek Xcaliber MTB a few months ago and I'd say I've done around 700 miles over all terrain. I clean and lube my chain after every ride but I've recently noticed an occasional clicking sound emerging from the chainwheel and cassette, sometimes when under pressure. I've also...
  15. kingrollo

    chain swap 11 speed Ultegra

    With time on my hands I need to swap the chain on an 11 speed ultegra (Di2) - watch a few vids but still have few questions:- 1.Which chain (Kmc/105/ultegra)and link connector to buy 2.Good chain tool recommendations 3.what bothers me most is how to get the new chain to the correct length...
  16. S

    Is it possible to get rid of all chain rub?

    I've just put the new tiagra components on the my frame but can't quite get the derailleurs setup perfectly to avoid all chain rub. I have the rear setup nicely and all seems to be working well on the rear. However the front is being more of a pain. I have the 1mm gap set correctly above the...
  17. Poacher

    Jumping chain misery, can I claim?

    Always looking for the bestest components for my bike, I saw Spa had Wipperman Connex 11SO chains at an impressive discount, only £32, so I bought 5 of them, only to find that they skipped horribly on my 8 speed cassette. Assuming that my cassette was badly worn, I bought 3 more, CS-HG50, 13-26...
  18. J

    New chain being throw of Jockey Wheel

    HI, Ive replaced the chain on my Subway 1. The new chain (shimano) is being throw off the bottom jockey wheel, and runs off the wheel. I cant see that anything is bent, and have cleaned the wheel and bushing. The new chain runs OK on the cassette and front chainring. When I put the old chain...
  19. huggybear0

    Noisy Chain

    Hi my chain clatters when I have it on the front middle and small cog but not when I have it on the large one. it makes the noise especially when I go over rough terrain. Is there anything I can do to make it quieter. Thanks.
  20. B

    Does chain matter?

    I need a new chain on my bike. Its a Triban RC500, rear cogs are 9 and 2 at the front. It current has a KMC 8J - 2 Narrow chain just now. But do I need to replace it like for like?
  21. N

    Chain jumping!

    I recently changed the chain on my ICE Qnt trike only to find that the chain skipped/jumped in top gear.:sad: OK. Thinks to self "I must have let it go too far and it's worn the cassette", SO..... ….I buy & fit NEW 9 speed Shimano cassette 11-34. Go for ride and it still...
  22. bungyb69

    Changing cassette and chain

    Hey guys took my boardman adv8.9 to the local bike shop! Because the chain was slipping, spoke to the guys there and told me I needed a new cassette and chain which would cost me £120. So I thought I'd have a look how much they cost and how easy it is to do my self, safe to say it cost me £43...
  23. Mike_P

    Chain jumping off lower pulley

    Had what I thought was a stretched cable to the rear derailleur but after much fiddling could not get the irregular noise of the chain slipping on a cog to go away and then, with the bike upside down, spotted the chain running on the side of the lower pulley. Is that pulley unduly worn? The...
  24. huggybear0

    Convert to one chain ring.

    Hi I have a Trek ex8 2011 with Shimano M552, 42/32/24. I would like to convert it to one chain ring. The videos on the web show it is possible to remove the large and small chain ring then get shorter bolts and use the 32 ring. It then just remains to remove the front derailleur and gear...
  25. DSK

    Chain Broken - What replacement options for KMC X11EL-1?

    After some serious climbs and sprints over the past few weeks, I noticed an occasional ticking noise from my drive train but, have only discovered the cause tonight, whilst giving the bike a routine check over. Bike : 2017 Giant Propel. Speed : Shimano 11 speed (50/34 - 11/28). OEM chain I...
  26. Phaeton

    Snapped Chain, need new cassette, new fronts?

    Done just under 4K on the Cube MTB, this is the 3rd chain, it was making all sorts of noises this morning, kept jumping/slipping thought it might need adjusting & figured I'd do it when I got home. Unfortunately I didn't get that far, 4 miles from home the chain snapped, got split links with me...
  27. bobsinatra

    Fitting new bike chain

    Hi This is my first attempt at fitting a chain, so I want to make sure that I do it correctly. I kept my old chain and placed it next to the new one (KMC). In the video, where I point my finger, is this the right to pin to pop out? As I didn't fit the original chain, I ran the chain...
  28. bobsinatra

    Replacing a bike chain that snapped

    Hi I am trying to replace my bike chain as my previous one snapped off. I think I have a 10 speed bike and the chain was 138cm when I measured the chain. Should I also order a quick link, as I am trying to fix this issue the most simplistic way possible. I have never replaced a chain...
  29. Fifelad

    Chain slipping off bottom jockey wheel

    Relatively new jockey wheels, new chain, cassette. Started to doubt myself if I had the jockey wheels the wrong way around, but it’s been ok for ages. Only other thing I’m thinking is they were BBB with adaptor rather than Shimano like for like replacement and it’s a minuscule bit out of...
  30. J

    Newbie - Think it time to replace chain. What size and what do I need.

    I am new to cycling, and currently ride a carrera subway 1 (8 sproket / 3 front). I have no problems at all with gear change, and all is running well, but I have just bought a chain gauge which shows the chain is at the 1% mark. I assume this means I now need to replace the chain. What chain...
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