1. Fifelad

    Chain “bunching” when back pedalling

    As the title says, but only when in the small chainring. Could it be due to the chain being stretched ? I am going to renew the chain and cassette anyway as they are getting to that stage. Before anyone says you pedal forward anyway, you often have to back pedal when adjusting pedal position...
  2. Bicycleshoe

    Will this chain fit?

    Hi, Im needing a new chain as the link within my current has become very stiff and causing shfiting skips. I have the Sora 9 speed groupset and that would make me thing i would need a 9 speed chain. But when i go to check the bike specs on the manfucator page it states the chain is a 6/7/8...
  3. Cycling_Samurai

    Is it time to change those chain rings? I haven't worn out a chain ring yet. I've upgraded mine before it's gotten 3 months old. Well not my current road bike. I'll consider it when my cassette is worn. Been wanting to complete the...
  4. Midsrider

    Using Muc Off drive chain cleaner & a Muc off chain doc cleaner.

    Hi all, My son is loving his new mountain bike, so much - its full of mud every time he takes his Trek Marlin 5 out ! Like myself, he loves the Muc off products we have and wants to stick to this brand. I used to use some other cheaper brands in the past and now we want to buy a few more...
  5. Trigger369


    HI all . Can anyone tell me if there is any difference in an ultegra 11 speed chain and a kmc 11 speed chain. Reason I ask is kmc do a black coloured chain and I will be replacing one soon . Many thanks
  6. curzons246

    Chain ring - suitable replacement

    At present I'm running an Ultegra 6700 compact chainset. I have just replaced the chain and cassette due to wear. First time I stand on the pedal to move off the chain rides up the teeth on the outer chain ring slipping and dumping me on the ground. It would appear that the chain ring is also...
  7. 3narf

    Why is Chain Reaction constantly down?

    I keep getting 'privacy error'; I assume it's not just me! :ohmy:
  8. Lovacott

    Chain Wrapping Up On Itself When Changing To The Smallest Chainring: Any Ideas?

    This has never happened to me before, but on the way home on Monday night, my drivetrain seized solid as I changed down to the smallest chainring on the way up a very steep incline (I changed down whilst I had good momentum so I wasn't loading the drivetrain). I walked the bike the rest of the...
  9. Daninplymouth

    WD40 for the chain

    Hi, just wondered if it’s ok to use wd40 for the chain. Not long term use but at the moment with the poor weather I keep hosing the bike off after each ride so then spray the chain with wd40 or similar to drive out the water and stop it rusting between uses. Would this offer enough protection...
  10. D

    Replacing cassette, will I need to use a shorter chain?

    Hi, I will be replacing the 8 speed cassette on my bike soon (the bike is only used for going to work and back), the current cassette is a Shimano HG200 t12-32. If I replace it with a Sram PG850 t11-30 would the current chain length be ok or would I need to take an extra link out? The chain...
  11. confusedcyclist

    chain broken, could it be the result of cleaning method?

    Last night my chain broke on the way home, resulting in a lengthy walk home, thankfully punctuated with a few downhill coasts to break the mundane progress :biggrin: I didn't take a picture of my chain after the event as it was dark, and I was in a hurry to get home, it went in the nearest bin...
  12. E

    Chain jumping in 4th gear

    Hi all I have a problem with my bike and I need some advise WHen I am riding in 4th gear - which is my normal cruising gear - it sometimes 'jumps' it feels like the chiain missed a cog somewhere or somthing - accompanied by a loud click - and the pedals jump forward a fraction It used to be...
  13. jsaipe

    Should have gone to Specsavers - Chain advice

    I fitted a new chain recently and stupidly routed it on the outer side of the cage plate housing the jockey wheels, rather than on the inside. I've been running it that way for 500km wondering why it sounded so rough. Yes, I should have gone to Specsavers. Doh! 🙃 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, I've now refitted...
  14. rockyroller

    position of chain & rear derailleur when in the small gears

    does this look too high up? is the chain way too long? shud I remove a link? or is it normal & just caught my eye & freaked me out?
  15. Leep

    Need new chain

    Hi guys My chain snapped this morning which resulting in e walking 6 mile home . It's a hells 29 carrera with 2 x 8 gears what size chain do I need please and are there a good strong one on the market Thanks Lee
  16. Dan77

    The Greasy Chain

  17. rockyroller

    is it time for a new chain lube thread?

    with all this chatter about cleaning, is it time for a new chain lube thread? stopped by my LBS & asked for some & was offerred this. in both spray & drip form. interesting that the drip product also came with a straw the writing is too small to read but I believe it's a dry lube w PTFE which...
  18. bobsinatra

    Bike chain maintenance

    Hi This is my current approach and wanted to check I was on the right track. Will use a degreaser, to get off all the rubbish on the chain. Then will hose down to make sure all degreaser off the bike. Then will spray on GT55 and apply wet lube. I will back cycle the bike and use a cloth...
  19. Tripster

    Genesis day One chain tensioners

    Good Morning, I want to change the tensioners on rear wheel as they are a bit naff, searched about and come up with zilch. Anyone help or has anyone changed theirs out ? Suppose no real reason but thinking of ‘tarting’ mi Genesis up a bit. A fello CC’er had a cross version with brown bar tape so...
  20. bobsinatra

    Chain cleaner tool that attach to the bike

    Hi Are these tools any good? If so, is there a particular model that you would recommend? Cheers BS
  21. Landsurfer

    Alloy Chain Ring for SR chainset.

    Has anyone got a good usable chainring for this chainset. I've got a 52 tooth but want a smaller one, preferably 42 or smaller if they exist. 87mm BCD
  22. Cymro74

    New chain comes off triple chainrings

    I have two tourers with triple chainrings where over the years I've noticed new chains sometimes come off the lower chain ring, but not after it is worn in. Neither bike normally has any problems with dropped chains as L screw and cable tension are correct. The dropped chain issue has only...
  23. livpoksoc

    New cassette and chain?

    After a decent year of going from mot using my bike to clearing 900 mile since lockdown, I'm wondering if I need to replace the chain and/or cassette. I've had the bike up on the workstand and indexed using th barrell adjusters but wasn't completely satisfied it was perfect, but on the road...
  24. C

    Wahoo Kickr Core - Chain Rub

    I have just attempted to setup my Cannondale CX on my Wahoo Kickr Core for the first time and initially tried to get it to work on a 130mm adapter. The frame would not sit flush so turned the provided adapter to 135mm and sat first time round. Next I tried to pedal and on the front derailleur...
  25. B

    Shaft driven (no chain) single gear bike (Walens Trident) - Leeds

    Bit of a strange one, hence thinking people on here may be interested. I have for sale a Walens Trident, single gear shaft driven bike. The shaft is shielded within the chain (or shaft) stay, and access is through a panel toward the rear of the stay. I've given it a quick once over and...
  26. Chris S

    Chain splitter

    I've just bought a chain splitter like the one in the picture off ebay. It came with no instructions. I can push the chain's rivets out and back in again by just turning the handle. What is the black screw on the other end of the body for?
  27. wafter

    Adventures in OCD: Today's Chain Waxing

    A divisive and arguably thoroughly boring subject, but I'm sold for the most part. Today having covered around 380 miles since the last treatment, the 11sp KMC chain on the CdF was a little overdue another dunk in the pan. I usually check the chain for elongation before every 2-3 waxings; my...
  28. woodbine

    Will this chain fit my 6 speed Uniglide

    I have an old MTB with 6 speed Shimano Uniglide cassette and 3 x Biopace chainrings making 18 gears in total. Is the Shimano Altus HG40 6-7-8 speed chain the correct one? The pin lengths are the same as my KMC chain at 7.3mm. THanks for any advice...
  29. stoatsngroats

    Chain Reaction Cycles - web order Positives 🙂

    Ordered a Moon Comet on Saturday evening and it has just arrived! That’s pretty damn good isn’t it?
  30. A

    Chain not moving to big ring

    Hi, so basically as I was cycling I was not able to shift my chain from the small ring to the big ring. So I got home and undid the bolt and pulled the gear cable for tension and now the gear shifter has gone very soft and the front derailleur does not even move when I shift gear unless I...
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