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Help please, my chain separated yesterday on my road bike. I had a link splitter and spare link and managed to fix the chain to ride home. I now need spare links for my repair kit. I have looked online and need to know about 7,8.9 speeds; I am not sure about that question. and don`t know what to order.
I have two bikes, the old road bike and a Carrera mountain bike ,these have rear cassettes of seven and eight speeds respectively; are those the things that are being asked about.
Apologies for my ignorance. I have rode for a good while since my triathlon days and fortunately not had this issue for a long while. I took it to the bike shop when the chain separated a few years back. I cannot remember being asked about speeds when I got the splitter; must have been lucky.


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You just need an 8 speed link. Chains are the same size upto 8 speed, then they get slightly narrower. I carry 3 different links !!


Try and get the reusable ones as well - much easier for chain maintenance/clenaing.

KMC or Wipperman Connex are good.


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Thanks all, great advice.


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8-speed quicklinks come in two widths: 7.1 mm and 7.3 mm. Make sure you get the right one for your chain. I didn't.
Hmm... I didn't know that!

I just did a search and found an eBay ad...

8-speed QL Ad said:
Available in two pin lengths:
  • 7.1 mm compatible with - KMC Z8 and Z8RB / SRAM 7 and 8-speed chains
  • 7.3 mm compatible with - KMC e1 EPT, X8 EPT, X8, Z8 EPT, Z8, Z7 and Z6 chains / Shimano UG51 and HG40/50/70/90 chains
I'll have to check what I have and what I need!

I can imagine that buying the shorter type when you need the longer could be a problem. Surely having 0.2 mm extra pin length would NOT be though? :whistle:


I usually carry one each of 4 sizes (8,9,10,11) and have used 4 over the last ten years, never any for me (yet). I can now see I'll break my chain in two places this weekend now I've said that! 3 newbies and a seriously heavy/strong rider needed help. I have been paid in beer and chocolate and even had a peck on the cheek (no I wasn't bending over) but what goes around comes around, I probably have 2 karma cards in hand - but can karma count, and is it karma'esque to expect favours?


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IME (with KMC and SRAM quick links) is that the greater the number of speeds, the harder they are to fit and remove. 9 speed usually manageable without tools unless the link really gunged-up. 11 speed, even perfectly clean and lubed, virtually impossible without the appropriate pliers. Very happy I had a spare link and such a tool with me when I bust my rear mech here. Single speeding back to Machynlleth was no fun, but infinitely preferable to walking. Since then I've learned that Wiipperman Connex can be used sans tools.
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